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How do you define prosperity?

So many of us- have been socialized- to view prosperity from the lens of finance and hard core money.  Even the dictionary mentions the financial respects of prosperity as being key when it defines prosperity as:

“A successful, flourishing or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune”.

In launching The Essential Feminine Company I have learned so much about prosperity that I have made it a personal focus in my live and one that I will be sharing with women in our community in the months to come. For me prosperity– true prosperity becomes available to us fully in life when our material wealth is derived from a deep inner knowing of ourselves Then it can be created and re-created in all areas of our lives…for the rest of our lives. Prosperity can include financial abundance and yet it is not limited to financial abundance.

Here is a prosperity formula for you to think about- food for thought that has recently served as the base of my personal inner work and with some of the work I have been doing with my clients—

When you line up-in your life:

 – Your talents and gifts with what you enjoy and love to do and then …

–  Tune in to what contribution you are here to make (or connect more with your life’s destiny) then…

– You build a life where prosperity will thrive and your harvest will be rich!

In the next few months I am excited to share my experiences in growing The Essential Feminine and my new awareness’s about prosperity and how you can claim it in your life. Stay tuned for more!!

Happy autumn!

Maureen Simon

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