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“True success is always accompanied by peace of mind.”
-Catherine Ponder
As long as you express fear, resentment, criticism and other negative emotions—which result in a lack of peace—it is not possible to attain very much in life.  The act of blessing brings peace within and without.  You can be a peacemaker to any situation by blessing it, rather than condemning it.  So bless pain, financial problems, trouble-some personalities, or worrisome conditions with the thought, “Peace. Be still.”
-Catherine Ponder
On this day of great significance- the completion of the 2 year US presidential campaign -people in the States and in the world feel great concern.  We have before us uncertainty- on the scale that most of us have not yet experienced.
Take a look at how you are living your life today.  Does your life express fear and criticism or trust, promise, and hope?  When we create our life from a place of peace rooted deep within—the world senses this.  We form an immediate attraction which draws people and experiences to us. Many are challenged to feel peace today– but it is still available to us.
It is important for us to be clear about our personal mission and to stay on task. Hold to our mission and to show up fully in your life in the ways you can make your greatest contribution. Only through clarity can we reach satisfaction in our life.  Peace is cultivated by conscious living and conscious decisions.  Even in the hardest times.
Women have a natural ability to lead when things are toughest. We are needed now more than ever. We are most comfortable creating environments of harmony and are often ones to create harmony and peace in our work environments and in life.  In no other time in history has it been as crucial for women to show up for what we value most- this will be different for each one of us. It is time for us to guide and lead and to live lives that reflect our very important core values and the powerful gifts of the feminine.
In these times of uncertainty be sure to find the peace with in.
Maureen Simon

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I need to say from the start that I am Irish and that I truly love England. She is an old friend although we have a deep challenging history. I also must say that I was truly shocked by her vote yesterday to leave the EU. I myself question many things about the EU including, how it is run, the excessive bureaucracy and the endless inefficiencies. But I have always seen this great model as holding many opportunities for humanity. I have seen it as a place where we can learn to live and work together and to move towards-unity. I see the EU holding the potential for us to measure how we are doing as humans. Are we getting along, collaborating and supporting each other to be something bigger than we are on our own?


I believe that England’s decision to leave was made from fear greatly influenced by the mass migration that Europe is experiencing. Living here these days, I can certainly see that this is a valid concern as social systems are overburdened in all countries as refugees arrive and mass migration is a way of life.

As I was sitting in shock after hearing the results I wondered:

~ What are the solutions to Europe’s migration and many other problems?

~Can we stand by and watch people fleeing from wars with infants in their arms as they make their way onto         unsafe boats boarding for unknown lands and often never making it?

~When does their crisis become ours?

For England I guess it was all too much. She wanted her sovereignty back. Historically -she sailed solo on the great seas. With her renowned navy, she held power, strength and dominance in the world. She still holds this memory. I believe England made her decision – from a place of fear not strength. She wanted to return to controlling her destiny, as this is what she knows best. But I think she missed a very important point- that solo sailing is a thing of the past. I believe she missed a major opportunity. Far greater, more courageous options of leadership were available to her which would have allowed her to provide guidance and to use her many gifts and experiences to steer Europe to higher ground- but she did not make this choice.

In this time of distress for many, there is some good news. I am meeting other people, like myself, who seek to work in collaboration and partnership with others. Who have in the past been the lone cowboys and cowgirls and are done with this way of being. I am meeting many who are concerned deeply about the wellbeing of others and know that we are all interconnected and the pain of the woman refugee escaping her war-torn country with her baby on the boat ~is our pain. We are all interconnected and can no longer afford to turn our heads or isolate.

It is clear to me that Europe is at a crossroads and it needs to become the leader in finding solutions to many diverse problems. 

Many questions remain:

Will the remaining 27 EU nations pull together and grow from yesterday’s experience?

Will they be the ones who find compassionate- solutions to the problems of mass migration- unnecessary war and hate?

Will the EU become the model that it has the potential to be?

I believe that within every crisis lies an opportunity. What could he opportunity be here?

Maybe it is time to ask the question that the great philosopher Aristotle asked- way back-

“Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts”? If  we collectively answer yes I believe there is hope.

Maureen Simon

Maureen Simon Consulting



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Our world seems overwhelmed by chaos.  The problems we face are monumental and interconnected to the rest of the world and we don’t seem to be able to hide our heads under the blankets any longer and have them all go away.  In fact, the only solutions seem to be ones in which we take collaborative action; actions requiring us to put aside our inner fears, our negative approach and to move into unfamiliar waters.

Collaborative action is based in putting aside personal interests and needs for the benefit of a larger goal.  It takes inclusiveness, seeing oneself as part of a larger whole, walking in someone else’s shoes.  These qualities are especially strong in women.  By their very nature they are peace makers, interested in building strong relationships, looking for common bonds and shared interests.  These are just some of the feminine attributes that women possess which we need to rely on to overcome the chaos.

Many women are taking a more powerful stance today.  If you haven’t viewed “Women, War and Peace” yet, be sure to see this amazing documentary showing what women in war torn areas of our world have been doing to change not only their lives but all our lives.  These women are using their attributes in a positive way.  Now is the time for us to realize that these natural attributes, too long overlooked and/or negated, are crucial for positive change today and in the future.  We need to encourage ourselves and our young women to value our feminine perspective.  It is only through the addition of the feminine perspective that we will achieve balance and peace in our world.

Judie Fouchaux

Guest Blogger

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In a recent blog posted by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF in response to the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), she wrote that:

“I feel strongly that the global community is beginning to respond.

Why? Three reasons: a shared sense of urgency, a shared diagnosis of the problems,

and a shared sense that the steps needed in the period ahead are now coming into


These three reasons promote change.  If we in ourselves have a sense of urgency concerning a problem, clearly understand what the problem is and the steps needed for change – change can happen.

In our world today, the economic crisis is only one of the chaotic situations that we face.  All around us we are beset by problems in international relations, education, health care, and unemployment – a seemingly overwhelming array.  It’s enough to make you want to get in bed, pull the covers over your head and hide.  That won’t get us through this.

However, all around us there is something else stirring; a force, a movement that like young seedlings making their way into the light is happening.  Women are waking up to their possibilities.

There is definitely an urgency to make change now.  The diagnosis appears to be a great imbalance in the world from years of living from a masculine perspective.  (Aggression, hierarchy in business, etc.)   The steps needed to create that change rely on developing a greater feminine perspective in our lives.  The steps for this to happen, for women to take the lead and to begin to influence now, include discovering who they truly are beneath all the socialization, claiming those attributes and bringing them forth into our world.

Do you feel the urgency?  Share the diagnosis? Are you willing to take the steps, claim your birthright and make a difference?

Judie Fouchaux

Guest Blogger, The Essential Feminine

P.S. For more information on your feminine attributes, see Maureen Simon’s book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”

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A recent statement, which was directed to the United Nations by a “selection of major female world leaders including Hilary Clinton, called upon “all States to ratify and fulfill their obligations under the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and to implement fully Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on Women and Peace and Security and other relevant UN resolutions.”

If you are assuming that the United States is firmly behind this treaty as would be fitting given its ideologies, you would be mistaken.  Thirty years ago President Carter sent this treaty to the Senate for ratification.  It still has not happened.  Why? Because special exemptions  have been added to all versions of the treaty.  The result is that “in a recent Newsweek list of the best countries in the world for women, the United States ranked eighth overall, but it joined countries near the bottom of the list – Iran (125th), Sudan (156th) – in not being a signatory to CEDAW.”

There are numerous documents, reports and anecdotal information pointing out that in communities (whether it be rural, suburban, city or corporation) in which women have an equal and active role society improves.  Women, as Maureen Simon points out in her book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”, have natural gifts for building relationships, verbal ability and communication that creates connection and harmony.   Consider this: “The feminine is highly relational and is interested in points of contact that connect people, allowing for deep exchanges, strong relationship building and communication.”   Can the world benefit from these skills?

It is time for us to join with forward thinking and acting governments and to ratify CEDAW.  We must reclaim our belief in ourselves.

Judie Fouchaux

Guest Blogger — The Essential Feminine Company


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Last June the “Democracy That Delivers For Women” conference was held in Washington, D.C. In reading through some of the conference resources I came across several points well worth noting.

1. Social change requires vision and leadership..

Women who are deeply connected with their natural feminine gifts; their intuition, their nurturing, their communication skills, are women who have these qualities of vision and leadership so necessary now. Developing these gifts is a priority today

2. Women are at the core of strengthening democratic processes and market institutions.

Because of women’s innate attributes of cooperation, empathy, building connections rather than hierarchies, they are especially suited to bring about the social change that will create a new and more balanced world.

To often women have undervalued their natural gifts, accepting them as normal. It is time now to cultivate these attributes and rely on them. They are what is needed in the world.  As women we must take responsibility for creating our own democracy.  We can be helped but without our own belief in ourselves and our natural attributes it will not happen.  Democracy will be created on from the inside out.  It will be based on our understanding our gifts and using them to build the best in ourselves, our communities and then in our world.

Written By: Judie Fouchaux, of The Essential Feminine Company®

 Thanks, Judie

Find out more about your feminine attributes at www.theessentialfeminine.com.  Sign up for our newsletter, read “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”, sign up for a teleseminar, join us at our Complimentary Living Room sessions.

Maureen J. Simon
Founder and Creative Director
The Essential Feminine™ Company
“Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”


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Writing to you on the topic of Confidence during this very special week of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day has made me think of how the meaning of the work confidence has changed over the years for women.  When we go back to what confidence would have meant to our sisters (the Suffragettes) who were paving the way for our vote and freedom of voice – they had little confidence in their ability to be heard or taken seriously in a system that saw them as invisible. 

Today we are not invisible.  Today we have 85% of the purchasing power in the US and we make up over 52% of the small businesses and are heads of household in 51% of the American households.  Today in Egypt and One Million Women March is scheduled to take place.  Reem Shahin, a member of the Million Woman March movement says, “We are not convinced by the amendments of the constitution as they don’t give women the right to run for presidential elections, and there are still no equal rights”.  This quote amazes me as we are now beginning to see many issues that our women faced in the 1920’s become prevalent issues to our sisters in the Middle East.  I wish them well.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating International Women’s Day with our friends at the Global Dialogue Center.  We at The Essential Feminine™ Company strongly believe that it is when we ourselves and our sisters allow confidence to develop in all areas of our lives, we will reach freedom.  Confidence is a birthright built on our ability to voice what we feel and our ability to express  our inner wisdom and  knowledge.  Please join Debbe Kennedy and me along with other wonderful hosts and facilitators in conversation with Frances Hesselbein as we discuss “LEADERSHIP by Example 2011 | WOMEN in the Lead: Our Significant Roles as WOMEN in a Global Economy” https://www.livemeeting.com/lrs/0000011799/Registration.aspx?pageName=pb23p9cvqs97g2lh  or go to http://tinyurl.com/2a99638 |

Also join us at The Essential Feminine Living Room, March 23rd 12 – 1:15 PM PDST for our complimentary webinar/teleseminar exploring Awakening To Powerful Feminine Confidence:  Designing A Life of Optimum Success”.  The Living Room is a conversation and networking opportunity that brings women together world-wide.  REGISTER NOW…https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/411759432

Maureen Simon



Maureen J. Simon

Founder and Creative Director

The Essential Feminine Company™




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