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This week a client asked me about the ways I attract clients…she went on to say “what if I am really committed to fill my practice now– what are the steps that you suggest I take”???

I thought you might enjoy my answer as it applies to all -who may want to jump start your consulting or coaching business. Remember attracting clients involves doing and being… the state of mind we are in when we speak to people is felt by those we are speaking to.

That said it is always best to set a goal for the number of new clients you desire and then carve out a realistic amount of time- say- 1 month or 2 months – to give yourself– to totally prioritize building your client base. This will give you breathing room. Nothing good comes from acting out of desperation.  You need time– non-pressured time– where you dedicate yourself and actions to this intention.  I suggest that you give yourself permission to work on this – with a set deadline. You also need to intend that you desire to attract the exact right clients from the inside out.  All the people you attract to work with you need to be consciously attracted to you- by you. They need to understand specifically how you can be of service to them. This requires that you truly “know thyself “and the gifts you offer. To attract the right clients from the inside out you need find a place stillness to get very clear about what you offer that is of great value to your client. What meets their most important needs?

Also remember that inside out client attraction needs to be done in a state of trust never get it right if – even deep within we feel any sense of scarcity… I know this may sound twee but it is absolutely essential… Trust me.

It is also important to set a clear goal in terms of attracting the exact right clients. Is your business full at 8 clients or 20? I work with 9 women at a time in my Boutique Consultingand then I start a waiting list. Know what works best for you and then start to picture them signing up to work with you. Picture what you are offering them and see the relationship as being and excellent match.

Now let’s get started with the exact steps:

  • I suggest that you immediately create a clear powerful sentence or two that explains what you can specifically change for a client and or what needs that you will specifically meet for your new clients.  Write this down – rehearse speaking it.  Having a strong clear voice and speaking about what you have to offer (uniqueness) – will attract people on the spot- if you are really ready to attract clients. I know you have said you have a gift and bring it through in a different way … how uniquely will you meet specific pressing needs they have. Speak it clearly.

  • A very clear picture of who you can best serve now- List the 10 women you now want to work with and know why. Call them – let them know what you offer.

  • Make another list of 10 other women you have met – align with– and who you could invite to have a month of sessions as a trial. They differ from the above – because they may want a short series of sessions for clarification – possibly using numerology. Design a short reasonably priced offer to get them from muddled to clear. (Price it fairly to invite and make it easy financially). 

  • Create an offer for clients that you have already served well and ask them if they need a regroup session and to spread the word about a Spring Make over offer or??? Offer.

  • Offer 3 comps sessions– mini sessions to women that have attended an event you have spoken at. In my earlier career to get better known I did this and it usually led me to a client or 2.

  • Schedule 5 calls or meetings with women you know to get their thoughts on who they know that you think you could serve NOW. This will really start spreading… the word. Offer to help them with something they need.

  • Start picturing an event that you will host- that is cool and fun –that would bring women together – where you are at the center— create a catchy fun offer like on spot coaching or something to give the event a party feel.

  • A Clear State of Mind with a high level of pure intention—internal knowing- attraction and trust and tenacity!!!

It was fun to take this apart and support my client. I hope this gets you moving in a new and creative direction. This week my client and I will start working in a focused and customized way to support her in filling her practice.

 I suggest you go for it yourself. The world needs you now more than ever!!!!

 Maureen Simon

Maureen book coverMaureen is founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and makes a major contribution in the world.

Maureen’s experience with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world to create successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. As a social alchemist she addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. Her work as a pioneering consultant supports women to reduce economic stress, open new channels for their personal and business expression and enhances their ability to access the deeper powers and gifts that each woman holds within their feminine essence. As a highly intuitive business and life designer, Maureen incorporates principles of mysticism, alchemy and social entrepreneurism to achieve focused outcomes and results. In her work with women, she supports them to design lives and business that align with her client’s spiritual destiny through an approach that awakens every aspect of the whole woman called, “Awakening The Essential Feminine™: Claiming Your Influential Power”.

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Why? Many of us fear the dark- the dark of night – the dark experiences that life presents us with.

Fear not- for the darkness provides us with the well needed contrast which allows us to fully experience light. Each experience that we have that feels dark– carries with it in the lessons and opportunities that it leads us to -the light This season  is full of short days and if we allow darkness  to inform us – it will be a great teacher and friend. Do take time to go with in and explore the places, feelings and thoughts within you that you normally would not go because of a lack of time or stillness. Find time to be still and listen from with in..

To be clear and conscious in our businesses we must be clear about the richer deeper meaning of our life. We can clearly hear messages and experience thoughts and divinations when we make time to listen.  Notice in the quiet of these dark days what comes to mind. You may get feelings and guidance that will reveal the deeper meaning of your existence here. Look for the deeper meaning of your life in the quiet. Notice what most excites you and where you are drawn. When you live and express the deeper meaning of your life each day in the work or service we offer we simply are living consciously.

Enjoy the special and sacred season.                                                                              May good things come your way.                                                                                 Warmly, Maureen


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Your Personal Business Design Success Primer for 2013

Whether it is to help you make more money, build your business or career, have more influence among your peers and clients, gain more freedom or come home to yourself. Maureen Simon is available to help you design your life and business. (Limited openings available in December. Don’t wait to change your life. Save your spot today) http://theessentialfeminine.com/about/private-consulting

“Maureen’s ability to focus me on what was really important in my life and to outline specific goals is incredible. Maureen has enabled me to open my life to the ‘universal’ nature of who I am and my role in life. Gently encouraging me to choose the right path based on my truth. Then helping me define, embrace, and act on that truth. Maureen’s guidance has catapulted my life into the possible.” ~ Chanterria McGilbra

“Maureen’s support and unfailingly positive attitude has meant our work together is creative and productive, giving me insights I could not otherwise have achieved. Her consulting skills and her business sense provide an excellent mix for us to work on the challenges I face, strategically and operationally, and I am delighted by the clarity and renewed purpose I have found through our sessions.” ~ Polly Newport

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Divine Destiny: Live Your Calling, Come Alive

(designed specifically to support you to live your calling and express your power in 2012)

Each person has a unique and meaningful reason for being here. Life becomes dynamic and alive when we come to know that reason and live it fully expressed daily in our lives, but it takes focus to determine what that reason is and to design our lives with our destiny fully engaged. When we take the time to explore our destiny our quality of life improves beyond our greatest imagination. In this virtual webinar held over a period of two weeks learn:

  • How to identify the deepest meaning “destiny” of your life.
  • Discover ways to enliven your destiny so that your life holds meaning and your gifts are fully expressed.
  • In our work together, create a pathway that will move you towards living through destiny fully expressed day to day. This course is for women who know there here for a reason greater than themselves and are ready to live their truest destiny.

Divine Destiny

Format: two sessions to be held via GoToMeeting (includes online access and/or call-in number) from the United States.

When: October 11 and 19, 2012 at 12 – 1:30 p.m. PST

Price: $99

Sign up today!

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Women are predisposed to powerful feminine gifts by the very nature of our birth, biology, and socialization. We are now poised in a perfect position to bring the pendulum back to center, where the masculine and feminine can live side by side in new ways. It is now time for women to take the lead, but to do so, we must fully understand, claim, and embody these powerful attributes.

The Essential Feminine Facilitator Training

In this one-month training, you will learn how to recognize and activate these attributes in yourself and others-empowering each of us to make the difference the world is waiting for us to make.

The information in this training will transform not only your own life but will allow you to lead Essential Feminine Circles™ that will transform the lives of countless other women as well. The course will prepare you to facilitate a 9-week process based on the book Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power.
Upon registration: You will receive Maureen’s book, Awakening the Essential Feminine.

The Format: Weekly 90-minute interactive tele-classes led by Maureen Simon-along with fabulous women from around the globe…
Week 1: Enlivening the World through Feminine Expression
Week 2: Igniting the Creative, Verbal and Imaginative Side of the Feminine
Week 3: Aligning Power, Intuition and Beauty from the Feminine Perspective
Week 4: Putting it all together-just before going live

Special Note: This training is ideal for all women, including consultants, therapists, teachers, workshop leaders, entrepreneurs, and other women who want to incorporate The Essential Feminine principles into their work in the world.

A certificate will be provided upon completion of the four-week training. Do you want to learn and then share with other women — powerful knowledge — that will enrich your life and the lives of many other women? http://theessentialfeminine.com/shop#facilitator

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“The satisfaction of love is not in the feeling itself, but in the joy that feeling brings. Love gives joy” Paramahasa Yogananda

We yearn for love, we search for love, and when a relationship ends we feel we have lost our joy, our love, our everything forgetting that joy is around us and in us.  Too often we confuse passion with love.  We may have passion with another without love and love without passion and when we combine the two it is like fireworks.  When real fireworks end we will remember them as spectacular.  We will recall and recount the event to others with joy and awe. However, when the fireworks from a relationship dwindle and die we often become bitter and angry; we choose not to remember what was spectacular, what filled us with joy. We will tell others how awful the person was, what they did, we will dwell in our intense dislike for them.  Does this serve us well?  No.  We do it because the hurt is overwhelming and we do not see how living the pain over and over again continues to hurt us.  

What happens when instead we make a choice to hold on to the memories that made us smile, remembering why we once loved them and choose to continue to love them as a fellow human being, a soul we connected with; we then open ourselves to receive new love.  We open ourselves to feel joy.  There were traits we liked about the other person. If there were not, then we must ask ourselves, what was it that drew us to them?  This introspection allows us to grow and then, if nothing else, we can appreciate the relationship for the growth it provided.

I am not saying that you still spend time with that person, unless that is what you choose.  However as Buddha said; “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else.  You are the one who gets hurt.”  Anger, bitterness, and revenge will not serve you, nor will it hurt them.  Our relationships mirror our lives.  When we look into our soul, what do we see?  What do we feel?  What is your relationship with you?  Start caring about you.  Give yourself love, find joy in the simple things; flowers, music.  Connect with your Spirit and you will connect with you.  Then you will be open to receive and give love.  Then you will find joy and love in your heart, your soul, and your life.

Carolyn Brown

Website www.youcelebrateyou.com

FaceBook http://bit.ly/JNz2p4   http://bit.ly/uRcWhG



Carolyn Brown is a certified hypnotherapist and life coach whose mission is to help others create a life of joy.  Carolyn discovered after 27 years of marriage that her husband was gay and turned this despair into inspiration and healing. Carolyn teaches how to refrain from dwelling on our own hurt, to turn the focus from our broken relationships to ourselves, and thus to a new future.

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What would you like to make space for?

Maybe you work a job you’re not challenged or motivated by. Maybe you are facing an illness within yourself or a family member. Maybe you need more time for your inner life. Whatever the circumstance, there is a possibility to move toward, and into something you have passion or curiosity for, and are ready for. To create a space for this, you may just notice the other spaces, which feel tight, stagnant or chaotic becoming more spacious and free.

 We went through fire and water, yet you have brought us forth to a spacious place.

-Ps. 66:12

From my own experience, my life is in flux, and it has been for a while. We have moved several times, and still have not settled. And each of the members in my family is striving toward something, which remains to be seen.

Prior to this phase of my life, I lived comfortably and felt outwardly stable. I was a parent and homemaker, who made space within this life for my soul. What in me is holding me hostage? What in me wants to be free? Who am I? Who am I not? What am I capable of achieving?

As I lived within these questions, finding answers along the way, I now notice an inner flexibility, along with a wider scope, which helps me feel more spacious, while this current life of flux continues. Something else, which assists me now, is work. For me this means writing, and preparing myself to teach what I have learned.

I have always wanted to take the time for this, but what I didn’t know then, as I do now- I can’t do everything I want to do when I want to do it. I couldn’t run my home, do deep inner work and also teach and write for others. I just couldn’t.

What I also see now, is there is a natural progression and order to my life, which I’ve resisted. It was in right order that when my life was comfortable and stable on the outside, I went deep to look at what’s not stable, and what is stable, within me.

And now when my external life is not stable, I find the work I’ve always wanted to do arriving front and center to bring stability. It might not be smoothing out the rough and unpredictable edges, but it certainly has the potential to, and if nothing else it gives a focus and an attention that grounds and nourishes me.

Reflect upon where you are right now… How might it be an opportunity to create a space for something new? Something that allows you to expand and explore new territory? That creates stability? That brings release? That grounds, support and nourishes?


Looking for more inner space? Subscribe to Daily Soul Glimpse: http://thesoulreporter.wordpress.com/soul-glimpses/

 Visit Nikki at www.nikkisacredspace.com and read her Daily Soul Reports.

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Fully Showing up in your Business or Work – Keys to Optimum Success by Maureen Simon – founder of The Essential Feminine Company and mentor to hundreds of businesswomen for over 25 years.

Join us for a Webinar on March 28

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Studies show that 67% of women are not satisfied in their work or with their businesses…

Why — because they are not fully showing up with what they have to offer or are doing work that they truly do not enjoy….

Talent.me and The Essential Feminine ® Company bring you a powerful webinar to learn:

  • -How to identify and grow your greatest gifts and talents
  • -How to clearly identify what is stopping you
  • -How to put your talents and strengths to best use
Title:  Fully Showing up in your Business or Work – Keys to Optimum Success
Date:  Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Time:  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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Maureen Simon really loves  www.TUT.com –daily quotes, so we thought we would share them with you.  Sign up to have an inspiring quote delivered to you daily.

“I still don’t get why people are so surprised that the turtle beat the rabbit over the long run. Consistent (focus), no matter how small, sparks magic, fills sails, butters bread, turns tides, instills faith, summons friends, improves health, burns calories, creates abundance, yields clarity, builds courage, spins planets, and rewrites destinies”. 

No matter how small, 
    The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!  


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