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When we believe passionately in something that still does not exist, we have already begun to create it because we believe in it. Belief in something is the seed of all change.

The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.


As we enter the new year what – that which you really want in your life – up to now – that has not yet manifested-has not sufficiently desired?

The state of our world is a sign that you are needed now more than ever before.

Go for your greatest dreams and never look back.

Unless you feed your dreams with passion, they will remain a non-reality.  Dream big, intend strongly and sufficiently to fuel your greatest desires with passion. Then step back and be patient, anything can become a reality.

Happy New Year and remember to go for it!

Maureen Simon

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Thinking about summer almost always brings up the thought of vacationing.  When I was a child we lived on the East Coast of the U.S.  We always took our vacation on Cape Cod.  I have special memories of deep pine forests, ice cream cones, long bike trails and hot sandy beaches that warmed my toes.  As I embraced the business world, the lines of vacation became more blurred.  During some years’ time became less available for long summer strolls on the beach.  At the same time the need for rejuvenation and rest was greater.   I have always need to slow down so I can hear my natural my rhythm so that I can begin to hear myself and what I really need. This, for me, is the finest gift of a staycation; a truly relaxing vacation.


Today with the world moving at such a quick pace, many of my friends and colleagues are reevaluating what they need in a vacation/staycation.  For many this needs to be a block of time set aside for rejuvenation, contemplation and renewal.  That is not to say that the traditional vacation luxury needs to go.  However, many people are being financially frugal or working more than they have in the past.  So what’s a woman to do?

What would be your version of an ideal staycation or vacation?    I would love to know.

If you want some help envisioning your ideal staycation- our Bubble Bath may help.

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When we believe passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.

The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

Happy New Year


Go for your greatest dreams and never look back. Unless you feed your dreams with passion, they will remain a non-reality.  Dream big, intend strongly, and sufficiently fuel your greatest desires with passion. Then step back and be patient, anything can become a reality.


Happy New Year and remember to go for it!

a picture of Maureen Simon

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When we think about the influence we have in our life and in the world- the idea of our personal power and how we use or do not use it – it always becomes a central theme.  Women have been a part of cultures that place power over her, as opposed to power with or next to her, for far too long.  We need to realize that only when we ourselves recognize and claim our strength, voice and power – as a daily practice – will we fully manifest it!

Maureen Simon













One of the best ways to allow our inner strength to manifest is by fully contributing to life- by sharing our gifts and the parts of us that we love. By sharing our competence through speaking clearly and sharing what is most important to us -we will create a true and deep excitement towards living!  Also remember to use your past experiences to inform the future and to provide you with strength to which you can begin integrating past lessons.  Never be victim to the challenging days that have passed but use them to your benefit and advantage today.


Gloria Steinem speaks to this in her comment below:

“ I had been raised to assume all power was outside myself, but they (men) had been raised to place power almost nowhere but within themselves.  Often, they were suffering, too.  Just as the fantasy of no control was the enemy of my self-esteem, the fantasy of total control was the enemy of theirs.  For both of us, the goal should have been a point of balance in between: a back-and-forth between the self and others, uniqueness and unity, the planned and the accidental, our internal selves and the universe.  As wise women and men in every culture tell us, the art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.”

Gloria Steinem “Revolution From Within”



Use life’s experiences to guide and to support you. You have all you need!

Maureen Simon

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 solstice - te meme

The winter solstice carries deep meaning in the Celtic tradition.  It is a time when we turn inward away from the world.  In the quiet, we have an opportunity to contemplate, be more aware of our dreams and visions.  During the winter solstice, the rain or snow is often heavy.  This intensity symbolizes a deep clearing.  In the Celtic tradition, this time of year is also associated with rebirth, the dying of the old and the making way for the new.

  • Where in your life are you experiencing a deadness or stuckness that you are now willing to release?
  • Are you allowing enough down time and quiet in your life to allow for contemplation and inward reflection?
  • What barriers are you willing to take down, where are you willing to open your thinking?  Where are you willing to expand in your life at this time?

Maureen Simon

Please share your answers or join The Essential Feminine Community on Facebook and share your thoughts there.

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Rudolph Steiner has give us reason to look closely at where we are in  this sacred solstice week. His poem is precious to me . Enjoy. ~ Maureen

solstice 1

Winter Solstice

Behold the Sun
At midnight.
Build with stones
On lifeless ground.

Find in decline,
In death’s night,
Creation’s new beginning,
Morning’s youthful might.

The heights reveal
The god’s eternal word.
The depths guard
The peaceful treasure.

Living in darkness,
Create a Sun.
Weaving in matter
Know spirit’s delight.

Rudolf Steiner

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(A picture of the garden outside my window on holiday on the Northern California Coast)

This week I have I been enjoying looking at the summer and taking inventory of the challenges and fruitful opportunities that the past 3 months have brought. Each year as the seasons fold from one to another I find I have a strong urge to stop and reflect…This reflection has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Having a Celtic background the turning of the seasons holds great significance. Each season has a feel and rhythm that is honored.

My greatest lessons this summer have been:

  •  My friends are really my tribe and guardian angels and I love and care for them very much.
  • Taking care of and being with family are super high priority.
  • When I move too fast and cut back on the care I give myself – I pay a price.
  • Lots of time in nature totally fills my soul and rejuvenates me.

I would love to hear what the summer lessons you have gained this summer.

To me having a clear conscious understanding of life’s lessons is living consciously.

Please add your comment to our Facebook page discussion.

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I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and stopping by to read the TEF blog. I look forward to your comments and your answers here and on Facebook! Have a wonderful week, Maureen 

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The Power of the  Summer Solstice: Where is the light brightest in your life?

Sun-stone’s kiss, midsummer pleasure, Welcome all and some. At the hele-stone sing and gather, Every blessed one. ~Caitlin Matthews

The solstice presents us with wonderful opportunities to take note of where the light shines brightest in our lives.  As we reach the longest day of the year we can take inventory of where our greatest gifts of light live in our lives.  This special week take notice of the midsummer sun.  Absorb the warmth.  Light a candle.  Appreciate the light. I am becoming very clear that when I am very grateful for the riches in my life – more riches follow. The light is everywhere now. Shine it on what you are most grateful for .

Happy Summer Solstice! ~ Maureen Simon

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Our world is consistently directing us to look forward– to look ahead in order to figure out what is next— and to stay ahead of the curve.  I must admit I do it myself.  And some of the work we do together here at TEF encourages you to look ahead and be conscious of next steps and new dreams. But I am learning that there’s a fine line and a fine balance that we need to create in the area of planning and  fulfilling our dreams as we enter this New Year—2012 and in responding and reacting to what we think the world needs from us.

Working diligently last year to create a company – the company of my dreams and to launch a book – the book of dreams –I learned a lot.  I learned that having goals and objectives (derived from within and created live… in the world) is essential.  I also learned that it can be very healthy to stretch ourselves to learn new things—things we may dread learning such as- in my case– technology –or for yourself … fill in the blank… (Name the area you are most stretched to learn that would actually benefit you J).I also learned that placing my heart and attention in a focused way to achieve a desired outcome is the way I get things get accomplished.

In 2012 I am committed to continue dreaming – and—creating. I am also committed to learn a whole new way to pace my day—to allow for spontaneity and structure to live side by side.  I am also committed to live each day and moment in the day and moment I am in not in the past or the future. This means I will be listening from with-in—being more spontaneous about time and allow for the interesting gifts that life presents us each day. I remember years back hearing the phrase “Be Here Now” and not fully understanding it. I believe I now truly understand.

As I said before-I believe that there’s a fine line and a fine balance in how we create and fulfill our dreams. My wish for you this New Year is that you will find the natural rhythm that allows to:

  • Know what is yours to create or contribute your precious life force to
  • Have the courage to live your dream
  • Find the balance and rhythm to live harmoniously honoring your needs and natural rhythm
  • And to live the life that you are here to live—fully and joyfully.

May 2012 be the year you truly shine!

Happy New Year!


Founder   and Creative Director
The   Essential Feminine™ Company
Author   “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power


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"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...

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Mother Earth is powerful, sensitive and susceptible. I walk through the forest after our recent storm and see her power. We have large tree limbs spliced from the trunks, and old trees toppled over. It is events like storms, thunderous rains and unusual weather that reminds us of her power. But we aren’t often reminded of Mother Earth’s vulnerability. It is subtle and we often take it for granted. For example, we know that autumn changes the trees into brilliant color, and long after the leaves are gone from our front yards, snow will fall, blanketing our communities in protective white. Yet in the northeast this year the trees had just begun to change color when a heavy snow fell. The snow clung to the still green leaves, and the trees didn’t know what to do with the weight. Their branches fell hard and cut power to many homes and businesses.

This visible power teaches us yet again to appreciate the susceptibility of Mother Earth. We are visitors to her home for our life and we must remember to respect her. We can do simple things to make a difference. Be conscious of our use of water, reduce our energy and gas use, recycle and compost whenever possible and be careful of how we affect our environment. If we leave our place on earth better than it was when we arrived, then we can take care of our powerful yet sensitive host. As we admire her magnificence and beauty we can also mother our Mother Earth.

Written By: Guest Author, Leigh Harris, BA, RM
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