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Your Internal Tipping point is a guide.  It is an internal resource.  As we discovered in the Living Room this week, tipping points are both challenging and life transforming moments when we are asked to rise to something bigger than we ourselves believe we are capable of.  There comes a time when playing small or smallish becomes more uncomfortable than bursting out and transforming through what can be painful growing pains. Yosh Han (our amazing guest – eaudeyosh.com) identified times in her career when she was called to expand her business to Europe and did not know how.  The learning curve was vast.  She went for the pots that were boiling on the stove that drew her towards them – the places, people and things that guided her to make the next stretch.  Today Yosh has an international business that provides beautiful oils and perfumes to women around the world.  What would we be missing out on had Yosh not taken that stretch?

It is in these moments that we are offered the opportunity to claim our gifts and own our power.  When we take this opportunity we become fully live.  I recently discovered this same lesson when my own personal tipping point came to me and provided me with a crossroads that
was both enticing and overwhelming.  My opportunity came in the form of developing The Essential Feminine Company as a self-funded, imagined and pulled from the ethos company.  In my heart I have known that part of my reason for being here is to create powerful collaborative learning environments for women.   To do this I created a book and The Essential Feminine Company and needed to leave my private consulting
dormant in order to create the company we just launched.  This was a great stretch for me and the crossroads was scary.  To leave a way of
life that I knew and jump off a cliff without water provided me with many challenges.  But, as with Yosh, I went with the pots that were boiling on the stove that drew me closest to my dream and mission, consistently checking in and listening within.  I must admit the road was not always smooth but I would not have wanted to leave this earth without completing the book and setting up the company, which I am pleased to say are now both complete.

On November 3rd and 7th I will be hosting a teleconference experience entitled, “Claim Your Gifts, Own Your Power, Come Alive”.  (link)  We designed this course to provide a place where you can understand your natural gifts, gain the strength to own them and begin to live your life fully alive.  I hope you can join me.  I can’t think of a more wonderful way to prepare for the new year ahead and all the wonderment and joy that we can co-create.

Maureen J. Simon
Founder and Creative Director
The Essential Feminine™ Company
“Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”


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As a university student, Autumn means the new year more than the New Year.  This year, I feel its power more than ever.  So, if I am to look at fall as a “new year” what does it mark the beginning of, and what does it mark the end of?

Let’s start with the end.  Summer concludes with the initiation of Autumn.  The caveat here is if (more…)

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It is autumn and the change in the air is noticeable even to those of us who live in Florida. Autumn blooms with magnificent colors that catch my eye as I walk through our property in the forest.

Autumn revives me as I see the new colors taking place.

It encourages my feminine essence to nurture and to protect


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