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Teaching children gratitude is all about their attitude but more importantly it’s about the parents attitude and the mirror image they portray to their children and the rest of the world to see.

Gratitude is such a brilliant gift that has been bestowed upon us if we choose it. The sophistication of this gift is simple. It is a choice. Be thankful for what you have, who you are and who you can be. It’s all about perception. It doesn’t matter what societal status you come from, what your wallet has in it or how you were culturally raised. Be thankful for what you have and feel right now in this exact moment in time. Hard times and good times. These are all opportunities to acknowledge gratitude. To give a shout out to gratitude. As we teach our children to witness this invisible mind thought, the concept emerges within them just as easy as they learn how to brush their teeth, their ABC’s or how to tie their shoes. These are life skills they will use through-out their whole life.  Gratitude can be a wholesome part of your healthy intentional conscious parenting routine.

Guest post by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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What Autumn means to me Leigh Harris

As a parent I start by thinking practical. It is a time of new growth and development for our children as they enter a new school year. Newness brings energy and vibrancy, but when combined with autumn, it feels calmer. It is as if we have made a turn on a new path and feel comfortable with our decision.

Perhaps this calm and comfort comes from the turning leaves. I can’t help but pause at the beauty of the colors exploding in the air. This means that I stop what I am doing, slow down my busy life for a moment and observe my surroundings. I take time to go for more walks and feel the leaves crunch under my feet.

Because I enjoy those walks, I want to share them, so I invite my family to join me. Instead of us all going separate directions (as the beginning of September seems to encourage), we walk together and regroup. I feel more connected to people around me when I connect to the earth’s autumn changes.

It is my favorite time of year.

Blessings, Leigh

Leigh Harris: “Teaches Personal Power and Professional Success through Energy & Meditative Work.”

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