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“…the future is not fixed.  The other side of the bridge to the future is not an objective, predetermined, static destination.  In reality, it is a moveable object, a set of probabilities, and most important, a karmic consequence of the lives we lived yesterday and the lives we live today.

The bridge to the future is a bridge that moves – and the land to which it is connected moves as well – according to how we walk across the bridge and who we are while we are walking.”

— Marianne Williamson, Editor “Imagine”

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We are the bridge to our futures.  In the lives we live, in the individual choices we make.  We can live in fear of life enhanced by the news media’s gloom and doom reports or we can take small positive steps across the bridge towards a better future.  The choices that we make are very personal and individual.  However, each choice creates the pattern for the life that we live.  Each choice is reflected in the previous choice and the choice to come.

Look backwards to yesterday.  What choices are you living that are the consequences of the past? 


Look forward to tomorrow.  What choices do you want to make today that will ripple through and effect your tomorrow?



Maureen Simon

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1004991834_5eVnU-LIf we finally put an end to the prejudices and persecutions that have caused so much bloodshed and suffering, we have to leave behind cultural traditions that justify violence and abuse in the foundational relations between parents and children and between women and men.  The acceptance of these violations provides a model for accepting human rights abuses across the board.

Riane Eisler “The Power of Partnership”

There is no reason for us to hurt another in any regard.  The unrest of the world is a reflection of our own unrest.  Take a look at your life and notice where you could be at peace.  Take one small step today to increase your own inner peace.  Have faith that this action will add to universal peace.

Maureen Simon

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“If you try to view yourself through the lenses that others offer you, all you will see are distortions; your own light and beauty will become blurred, awkward, and ugly.  Your sense of inner beauty has to remain a very private thing.”

John O’Donohue “Anam Cara”

Maureen Simon

 We all hold a unique and distinct inner beauty that others do not always understand.  Be sure to view yourself through your own lens as you receive signs and messages and important information from your inner life.  Never be too proud to reject feedback but do so selectively.

Maureen Simon

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When we believe passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.

The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

Happy New Year


Go for your greatest dreams and never look back. Unless you feed your dreams with passion, they will remain a non-reality.  Dream big, intend strongly, and sufficiently fuel your greatest desires with passion. Then step back and be patient, anything can become a reality.


Happy New Year and remember to go for it!

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Our world is consistently directing us to look forward– to look ahead in order to figure out what is next— and to stay ahead of the curve.  I must admit I do it myself.  I am learning that there’s a fine line, and a fine balance that we need to strike between planning and allowing. The fulfillment of our dreams, as we enter this New Year, is important.  It is very important to learn from this past year and to be clear about what we most desire for 2015. I do this form the inside out by blocking a few days over the holiday to get quiet and to take stock in where I have been and where I am going.

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Working diligently last year to re- launch my consulting business –while working with The Essential Feminine Company. l am blessed to wake up each day and do the work I truly love! These days I have learned a lot.  I have learned that having desires and intentions is essential.  I also learned that placing my heart and attention in a focused way, ensures I achieve a desired outcome. This is the way I get things get accomplished.

In 2015 I am committed to continue dreaming and creating. I am also committed to learn a whole new way to pace my day—to allow spontaneity and structure to live side by side.  I am also committed to live each day and moment, in the day and moment I am in, not in the past or the future.


My wish for you this New Year is that you will find the natural rhythm that allows to:

  • Know what is yours to create or contribute your precious life force
  • Have the courage to live your dream
  • Find the balance and rhythm to live harmoniously honoring your needs and natural rhythm
  • To live the life that you are here to live—fully and joyfully.

May 2015 be the year you truly shine!

Happy New Year!




Visit my website for more information:


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I have recently realized how much I have to be grateful for.  Most years, at year’s end, I feel this way as I reflect on my life. But this year something feels quite different.  I think it is because there are so many wonderful things happening. My heart is full. I feel this way because for years I have served women to create businesses and lives that they love. However, this year I have been a part of profound new business growth – at an unprecedented level. I have witnessed women I work with – create lives in past years- that they had only dreamt of. I wrote my book on the Essential Feminine to teach women the powerful feminine attributes they naturally hold. They can come alive and lead in a new and powerful way, when lived fully. I have witnessed this repeatedly this year. I have waited years to see this level of transformation in my life and in the lives I touch.


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Today we are launching my new private consulting site- www.MaureenSimonConsulting.com 


I am excited to share it with you. It took 6 months to complete. The site reflects my professional history and wins, along with the services that I now offer. One of the joys in designing the site has been the opportunity it gave me to reflect back on projects and overall life – as I wanted to share with you –my personal journey. I can now clearly see how the services I offer today were born out of these rich and amazing experiences.

Life is rich and it is up to us to envision and create – with divine support- the life we want to live. I wish the best for you in your life and ventures. Let me know if I can be of support.

Special Thanks-I would like to thank Debra Evans- my friend and collegue of over 12 years – who coached me through and helped me to say what I most needed to say on the site. Thanks for standing by me Debra. Also thanks Debra for your beautiful writing. You are a true gift to the world. Also big thanks to Laura Rike who has supported me with social media and being seen in this great world and helping me to get my voice out strongly.


Have a great and blessed New Year.


Maureen Simon

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2010-08-14 21.18.50Thinking about summer almost always brings up the thought of vacationing. When I was a child we lived on the East Coast of the U.S. We always took our vacation on Cape Cod. I have special memories of deep pine forests, ice cream cones, long bike trails and hot sandy beaches that warmed my toes. As I embraced the business world, the lines of vacation became more blurred. During some years time became less available for long summer strolls on the beach. At the same time the need for rejuvenation and rest was greater. I have always needed to slow down so I can hear my natural rhythm so that I can begin to hear myself and what I really need. This, for me, is the finest gift of a staycation; a truly relaxing vacation.

Today with the world moving at such a quick pace, many of my friends and colleagues are reevaluating what they need in a vacation/staycation. For many this needs to be a block of time set aside for rejuvenation, contemplation and renewal. That is not to say that the traditional vacation luxury needs to go. However, many people are being financially frugal or working more than they have in the past. So what’s a woman to do?

What would be your version of an ideal staycation or vacation?
I would love to know!

If you want some help envisioning your ideal staycation- our Bubble Bath may help. Read more about our Bubble Bath —

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blog postOne of the most important things we women need is financial independence. Many of us have chosen to create sustainable businesses that support our values. Over the last five years I’ve had hundreds of conversations with women who have pointed out that they have had to change or adapt their business to become more relevant or to adapt to new market needs.

The face of business is changing. Relevance is an essential theme to business. One of my all time favorite things to do is to evaluate a business based on the following criteria:
Does It meet a specific market need
Is it financially sustainable
Does the woman founder/director believe fully in her business

I truly believe that when we line up our lives with the essence with why we are here, success becomes easily accessible. However, we still need to have an expertise, passion and diligence in the work we do.

Did you ever consider changing the work you do? Or, designing or re-designing your business to include something you do well or have a strong interest in. Stagnation is a great killer. Never fear change when you have a strong niggling or calling to do something differently.

Are you getting new ideas?
Is something unique or different calling you?
Are you learning new skills that could be applied in new ways?
Are you ready to innovate, contribute or change something?

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image002Sometimes we slip into playing and living in a much smaller and safer way than we are really here and capable of living. The key to moving beyond this place is to get conscious and to begin to really live the life we most desire. For many of us this desire may feel distant or faraway or perhaps we have been there but lost our way and need to regroup. We often get cues or hints in or daily life that gets us thinking – am I happy , is this life really working for me? Some of us freeze like Bambi in headlights when we hear these messages and stay small- as change can be uncertain and staying where we are seems safer.  Some of us reach overwhelm and question our whole life, its meaning and purpose.  We all get a moment of pause that allows us to question how we are really living life.


When we are being called forward to live more consciously we usually:

  • Get a niggling feeling that something is not right…that we are not fulfilled
  • Experience a reoccurring sense that there is more to life than the way I am now living.
  • Or get another sign in a way we are used to receiving information


Always listen to these cues because they provide invaluable opportunities and subtle openings for change and lasting success.

Recently I realized that I had a lot on my plate and that my priorities and my ability to accomplish what I needed to accomplish while still loving my life was becoming a challenge. I had one of those niggling feeling that something was not right. I had to stop- slow down – listen – take the bull by the horns and re-prioritize my days based on what I truly desired most- that aligned with what I value most.


So where does getting VERY clear on our desires enter into the picture?

What we desire is central to designing a life of success and meaning. When you understand your deepest desire (and have tested it to see if it is linked with your highest reason for being here -your destiny) your life will take on a new rich meaning- fulfillment will be central to your every day. You then know that you are on the path to a life well lived.


Let’s get practical here is the road-map I have used to anchor my deepest desires and values in my day and to measure- daily- how I am doing:

  • First be clear about your dream– what do you really want to accomplish (be it in your life or a given month- the art here is clarity about what you want!
  • Next, take small measurable steps to build more of this dream into your day (find a teacher or mentor who has already accomplished it, research about it – to build understanding. Do whatever you can to make it real.
  • See yourself already there- picture yourself living or accomplishing this great desire ( it really helps to take the distance and blocks away). As you become more comfortable and familiar with the desire it slowly becomes a part of your world.
  • Notice coincidences and synchronicities….these are gold dust. Every day here are signs, messages and intuitive knowledge available to us. We must be proactive and invite this wisdom in and use it.
  • Close each day with a review of what was wonderful about the day and aligned your day actually was with your greatest desires and values. We are living in an era where great consciousness is needed. Be very conscious and very intentional.

These days that we are living in are absolutely amazing. We have many choices available to us each day. Live life fully. It is your choice.

Let me know if I can be of help. I am committed to your success- your success from the inside out!



Maureen Simon

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You are a human magnet and you are constantly attracting to you people whose characters harmonize with your own.” -Napoleon Hill


Empowered successful and alive women create their lives from their imagination. They attract the exact right people and the exact right experiences at the right time.

As women move into positions of greater success and influence we learn that within our imagination we hold the power to recreate our lives and manifest far more than we believe on a day-to-day basis. The art of manifesting success includes one’s ability to clearly define a desired outcome or way of being and to believe and work towards this on a daily basis.

Setting a clear intention is the first step in designing the life that you desire.  Never be afraid to think big and design this new reality to include things that both feel good and provide you with opportunities for growth.  This will lead you to influence and success from the inside out. Many of us have been taught to define success from the achievements and belongings that we accumulate.

What if we start by looking at what we value most,  the essence or and feeling that our success gives us as a starting place to redefine success. As I have always said… success is an inside job. It’s a great time to expand your vision and to begin to see the world in a whole new way by redefining success in terms that suit the way that you want to live. Give it a try…

Maureen Simon

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