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I now really believe that life is both a process and a journey. It’s funny – I have been listening to great inspiring speakers for many years, reading amazing books and spending much of my life looking at what makes me/us tick and how  I/we can live more conscious satisfied lives.

I know many of us have been doing the same. My own life has been my main test laboratory and I have also been honored to work with many women who have also taught me much in these areas. Yet this past year has presented me with number of tests that have forced me to look deep and hard at how I am living my life and, because of this personal inquiry, I have something that I want to share with you — my personal new learnings that are transforming my life.

I have been writing a lot these days about how we rush around and live our lives without being in touch with who we are, with what we really need and with what we really have to offer in the way of our greatest gifts and talents.

I stopped this month to look closely at how I am living, what is working and what is not working and took time to look closely at three key principles that, now that I am using them in my practice, have been changing the entire quality of my life! I am now convinced that when these three qualities below are all lined up together  in my day, amazing things happen.

These qualities are:

  • Gratitude with a very focused intentional approach
  • Conscious choices, the vehicle of our daily actions
  • Self awareness  of our personal destiny

Recently, I have been looking at specific ways to create greater ease in my own life and I have been working  daily with all three principals and have truly been able to slow down, smell the roses (of summer) and accomplish way more with ease.

I am convinced that life can be lived with far greater ease and that it is our responsibility to create the elixir of attributes and qualities that we need to focus on and live within our lives daily. This is true consciousness!

I invite you to revisit gratitude and her close friends and supports, particularly now because I believe she holds essential potential that may be very important to your success and how you are currently living your life.

I believe that there are a number of key universal principals that need to come alive and off the pages of the books we have been reading in order for the world to become a better place. I also believe that we women need to show up and lead the change that is so needed in our world today!

Oh, by the way, we will be looking at this essential and amazing lineup in detail in our July Essential Feminine Living Room. This is a great place to start to deepen your awareness of how you are choosing to live your life and why the outcomes you are receiving may be as they are.

Join me in this Wednesday, July 18 at 12 pm PST in The Living Room for The Power Of Gratitude: The Golden Key That Transforms Your Life!  Things may never be the same for you after the next Essential Feminine Living Room!

I hope to see you there!

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Maureen Simon

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