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Women's Elixer

The Women’s Elixir* Course:

How to Achieve Profit, Influence and Passion in Today’s New World Economy

*Elixir is a sweetened, magical solution that allows us to transform the base metals of our life into gold

 Did you ever feel like?

…You have learned a lot about life and are now being called to something greater, to put the many pieces of your life together so they align with what you most value and how you really want to live? Are you ready to really show up- make a difference and live a prosperous fulfilled life?

I felt this way and sat down and designed a journey that guided me to live the life of my dreams and I am now- for the first time-ready to reveal it with you!

**I personally invite you to work with me in a small hand selected group of women over a two month period as we take a life transforming journey that you will never forget –to redesign your life!

On the journey, you will:

– Redesign your business and life-consciously – by looking closely at what is working and what is not and at  the real reason you are here ( your destiny)

– Regroup your entire life within 60 days using proven tools, resources and support from Maureen’s personal tool kit, techniques that have already supported thousands of women as they transformed their lives and this time you will work in a small exclusive group

– Discover how to  listen from within and think through how to take your life and dreams to a whole new level with Maureen’s support

– Power team network  with a small group of POWERFULL women who are ready to get their lives working on their terms

– Walk away with a new roadway and focus–clear and measurable– to support you in living your newly designed life with meaning and fulfillment –consciously!

The Specific Benefits of Joining the Group Community Include-

Support and guidance and tools to:

… Double your income this year by getting real and honest about what works now in your business and  what you need to change to grow  your business

…Love your life- wake up excited and ready to begin your day– begin to live daily with your destiny (reason for being here) at the forefront of your life. Decide and consciously create what is next for you -with support- in- your business life, personal life and in your family life.
…Experience unlimited motivation and clarity – fueled by learning how to create your personal life rhythm and practices to support your new life. Learn specific skills and gain powerful tools that you can use daily.
…Learn how to claim your influential feminine attributes in business and life and how to lead with these attributes at the forefront of your life to optimize your success.
 Create a life of impact and fulfillment- by creating your own personal life design that includes –business clarity, a daily practice, a support network

Walk away with your custom designed Conscious Business and Life Design with specific outcomes and accountability built-in! 

The course runs Thursday June 13th– August 1st for 8 consecutive Thursdays.

One session will be held on Wednesday July 3rd -due to a US holiday.

 Sessions will be 1 ½ hours beginning at 12 noon PST

Two month on line course


**Use Special Code to Receive Special Price   

(When registering use the code: to get well over 50% off till May 10thELIXIRSPECIAL. ) Sign up here!


 “Private groups are a safe place for women to explore their next steps or even their current options. After working with Maureen in one of her private groups I was struck by her work processes and stellar credentials. My friends and I rave about our group work with Maureen”. ~ Karen Aiken- Building Bridges Strategies and Communications


“As a former conference director, I have been privileged to work with some of the great transformational leaders of our time-and rarely have I met someone like Maureen Simon. With exquisite grace, she rapidly catalyzes positive change…moving people out of procrastination and into their power more quickly and elegantly than anyone I have ever known.” ~ Deborah Evans – Writer and coach

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