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I am delighted to say I am writing you from Ireland- returning here is a dream that has come true for me! I am spending a year living between Dublin, Ireland and London, England. This was a dream that I held very close to my heart for many years. My journey here has taught me many lessons including; that jumping off the cliff without water, as I moved towards my dream, can be very risky, yet if I do not make a jump- I stay still. I also learned that when I have clear intention and dedication to this intention- anything is possible. I believe we all need to have updated visions or dreams as this is what motivates and guides me to create the new. Do you have a dream? What now needs to happen for you to be living it?

I would like to know. I ask because this is the question I asked myself when I realized I had reached many of my dreams and stopped dreaming. Often lethargy, a lack of peace and excitement for life are symptoms that show up when we stop dreaming.  The world is in a state of transformation. Old systems are falling away-violence and disharmony abound. This is more the reason for us to hold a vision or a dream and move towards making it real. Light and dark are forces that have always been on earth- for eternity. It is now time – more than ever to move towards your dream!
I am here to support you – take a look at how I can help.

Join me for a One- Time Guidance Session where we will explore how to get you to create what is next for you in your life. In this session we will:

  • use intuitive guidance, yours and mine to create what is next for you in life and or business
  • work with high level visioning and energetic alignment work
  • do block clearing
  • create support steps and follow up strategies to root the new vision or dream

1½ hour session- $299.00 (through August 15th).

Are you in?  Your dream may not be as far away as you think.
Join me by hitting this link:

Sign Up For A Session

What’s New? July Updates and Offers:

Interested in growing Your Business?
Contact me directly- Maureen@MaureenSimon.com
Let’s custom design a plan to meet your needs.
For Information on How I work with you to grow your business take a look:

Check Out Our Blog –
How to Ignite Your Dream (or find one if you don’t have one to ignite)?

A Featured Voice on The Huffington Post 
I will be writing for the Huffington Post this summer.  Stay tuned for the link to my blog and meet me there.

Our New Podcast –
We will be launching our podcast later this autumn- “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. The podcast will highlight the lives of women worldwide as they share information about their work, lives, the land they live on and the things are most important to them. Interviews are taking place now with women from Ireland and England. Stay tuned for the link this fall!

Remember to listen closely for what is next and do make a move towards you dreams!

Happy Summer.


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Sometimes we slip into playing and living in a much smaller and safer way than we are really here and capable of living. The key to moving beyond this place is to get conscious and to begin to really live the life we most desire. For many of us this desire may feel distant or faraway or perhaps we have been there but lost our way and need to regroup. We often get cues or hints in or daily life that gets us thinking – am I happy , is this life really working for me? Some of us freeze like Bambi in headlights when we hear these messages and stay small- as change can be uncertain and staying where we are seems safer.  Some of us reach overwhelm and question our whole life, its meaning and purpose.  We all get a moment of pause that allows us to question how we are really living life.


When we are being called forward to live more consciously we usually:

Ø  Get a niggling feeling that something is not right…that we are not fulfilled

Ø  Experience a reoccurring sense that there is more to life than the way I am now living.

Ø  Or get another sign in a way we are used to receiving information

Always listen to these cues because they provide invaluable opportunities and subtle openings for change and lasting success.

Recently I realized that I had a lot on my plate and that my priorities and my ability to accomplish what I needed to accomplish while still loving my life was becoming a challenge. I had one of those niggling feeling that something was not right. I had to stop- slow down – listen – take the bull by the horns and reprioritize my days based on what I truly desired most- that aligned with what I value most.

So where does getting VERY clear on our desires enter into the picture?

What we desire is central to designing a life of success and meaning. When you understand your deepest desire (and have tested it to see if it is linked with your highest reason for being here -your destiny) your life will take on a new rich meaning- fulfillment will be central to your every day. You then know that you are on the path to a life well lived.

Let’s get practical here is the roadmap I have used to anchor my deepest desires and values in my day and to measure- daily- how I am doing:

Ø  First be clear about your dream– what do you really want to accomplish (be it in your life or a given month- the art here is clarity about what you want!

Ø  Next, take small measurable steps to build more of this dream into your day (find a teacher or mentor who has already accomplished it, research about it – to build understanding. Do whatever you can to make it real.

Ø  See yourself already there- picture yourself living or accomplishing this great desire ( it really helps to take the distance and blocks away). As you become more comfortable and familiar with the desire it slowly becomes apart of your world.

Ø  Notice coincidences and synchronicities….these are gold dust. Every day here are signs, messages and intuitive knowledge available to us. We must be proactive and invite this wisdom in and use it.

Ø  Close each day with a review of what was wonderful about the day and aligned your day actually was with your greatest desires and values. We are living in an era where great consciousness is needed. Be very conscious and very intentional.

These days that we are living in are absolutely amazing. We have many choices available to us each day. Live life fully. It is your choice.

Let me know if I can be of help. I am committed to your success- your success from the inside out!


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This week a client asked me about the ways I attract clients…she went on to say “what if I am really committed to fill my practice now– what are the steps that you suggest I take”???

I thought you might enjoy my answer as it applies to all -who may want to jump start your consulting or coaching business. Remember attracting clients involves doing and being… the state of mind we are in when we speak to people is felt by those we are speaking to.

That said it is always best to set a goal for the number of new clients you desire and then carve out a realistic amount of time- say- 1 month or 2 months – to give yourself– to totally prioritize building your client base. This will give you breathing room. Nothing good comes from acting out of desperation.  You need time– non-pressured time– where you dedicate yourself and actions to this intention.  I suggest that you give yourself permission to work on this – with a set deadline. You also need to intend that you desire to attract the exact right clients from the inside out.  All the people you attract to work with you need to be consciously attracted to you- by you. They need to understand specifically how you can be of service to them. This requires that you truly “know thyself “and the gifts you offer. To attract the right clients from the inside out you need find a place stillness to get very clear about what you offer that is of great value to your client. What meets their most important needs?

Also remember that inside out client attraction needs to be done in a state of trust never get it right if – even deep within we feel any sense of scarcity… I know this may sound twee but it is absolutely essential… Trust me.

It is also important to set a clear goal in terms of attracting the exact right clients. Is your business full at 8 clients or 20? I work with 9 women at a time in my Boutique Consultingand then I start a waiting list. Know what works best for you and then start to picture them signing up to work with you. Picture what you are offering them and see the relationship as being and excellent match.

Now let’s get started with the exact steps:

  • I suggest that you immediately create a clear powerful sentence or two that explains what you can specifically change for a client and or what needs that you will specifically meet for your new clients.  Write this down – rehearse speaking it.  Having a strong clear voice and speaking about what you have to offer (uniqueness) – will attract people on the spot- if you are really ready to attract clients. I know you have said you have a gift and bring it through in a different way … how uniquely will you meet specific pressing needs they have. Speak it clearly.

  • A very clear picture of who you can best serve now- List the 10 women you now want to work with and know why. Call them – let them know what you offer.

  • Make another list of 10 other women you have met – align with– and who you could invite to have a month of sessions as a trial. They differ from the above – because they may want a short series of sessions for clarification – possibly using numerology. Design a short reasonably priced offer to get them from muddled to clear. (Price it fairly to invite and make it easy financially). 

  • Create an offer for clients that you have already served well and ask them if they need a regroup session and to spread the word about a Spring Make over offer or??? Offer.

  • Offer 3 comps sessions– mini sessions to women that have attended an event you have spoken at. In my earlier career to get better known I did this and it usually led me to a client or 2.

  • Schedule 5 calls or meetings with women you know to get their thoughts on who they know that you think you could serve NOW. This will really start spreading… the word. Offer to help them with something they need.

  • Start picturing an event that you will host- that is cool and fun –that would bring women together – where you are at the center— create a catchy fun offer like on spot coaching or something to give the event a party feel.

  • A Clear State of Mind with a high level of pure intention—internal knowing- attraction and trust and tenacity!!!

It was fun to take this apart and support my client. I hope this gets you moving in a new and creative direction. This week my client and I will start working in a focused and customized way to support her in filling her practice.

 I suggest you go for it yourself. The world needs you now more than ever!!!!

 Maureen Simon

Maureen book coverMaureen is founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and makes a major contribution in the world.

Maureen’s experience with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world to create successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. As a social alchemist she addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. Her work as a pioneering consultant supports women to reduce economic stress, open new channels for their personal and business expression and enhances their ability to access the deeper powers and gifts that each woman holds within their feminine essence. As a highly intuitive business and life designer, Maureen incorporates principles of mysticism, alchemy and social entrepreneurism to achieve focused outcomes and results. In her work with women, she supports them to design lives and business that align with her client’s spiritual destiny through an approach that awakens every aspect of the whole woman called, “Awakening The Essential Feminine™: Claiming Your Influential Power”.

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Walk Your Talk Private Sessions
Make your dream real… apply for private sessions with Maureen….

Have you been hearing yourself speak about something you would like to manifest in your life but can’t seem to get beyond the words? 

These sessions are for YOU! Short- high impact – clarifying with an opportunity for you to move past your own words to DREAM Manifestation!
I am interested in hearing about your dream… you know the niggling idea that keeps popping up and won’t go away. I want to specifically support 3 women who are really ready to Walk Their Talk! Let me know now if you want one of the three seats…
Here is how it works….In late June I will work for three months (two sessions per month) with three women who are ready to create something that they really want to create. By fall the intention is that you will no longer just be talking your dream but you will be taking tangible steps towards walking your dream…To apply for private sessions email me by June 25 with the following:
• Your dream in one paragraph
• How far you have gotten in previous days towards manifesting it
• Two show stoppers ( blocks)
• Why you know you can manifest the dream

Sessions will be way below the normal consulting rate – $500 per month.



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Laser Solution Sessions

Women are telling me that they need laser, concise, meaningful support right now.  Many are crying for greater clarity in shaping or redesigning their business and lives. Collectively we are at a major crossroads and what once was important– no longer is. This is one of the most challenging times on our planet.  Priorities are changing for those that are awake and brave enough to look closely at life. For this reason I am offering a short powerful course (with private sessions available) to provide you with the support you need right now to bravely and fully show up in your life in 2012.
1 session: $250, 2 sessions: $450, 3 sessions: $650

The Women who will benefit include:

*        are in transition,
*        women unsettled needing clarification,
*        women with challenges,
*        women with a next career move to make,
*        women wanting to take their life to a whole new level,
*        women desiring to take next steps and to set new priorities, and
*        women ready to make a difference – legacy.


Maureen’s Bio
Maureen is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)—a lifestyle and business design company that supports women in creating successful, powerful lives that incorporate their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products to help women claim, live and lead with their natural strengths and talents.  TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and make a major contribution in the world. Maureen’s experience with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world in creating successful lives and businesses that reflect their values.  As a social alchemist she addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. For more information on TEF visit www.TheEssentialFeminine.com

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Private consultations with Maureen Simon are available to support you in designing the life and business you truly desire. If you are interested in working with Maureen – you can obtain –a one-time Clarification Session to help you prioritize your specific needs and desires. Listed below are the areas of life and business that Maureen focuses on in her work. Her work is informed and supported by her experience working with hundreds of women –individually- in these areas. Maureen supports women to learn, claim and live with their natural Essential Feminine gifts and talents. She believes that this is essential for women to “know thy self “from the depths of the soul in order to reach long lasting-deep rooted success and fulfillment. More information on this leading edge approach and philosophy can be found in Maureen’s book-“Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”.

Private Consulting available in our Shop

  • Life Design
  • Business Design
  • Destiny and Legacy Design®
  • Awakening to Your Essential Feminine® in Business and Life

Life Design (more…)

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