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Walk Your Talk Private Sessions
Make your dream real… apply for private sessions with Maureen….

Have you been hearing yourself speak about something you would like to manifest in your life but can’t seem to get beyond the words? 

These sessions are for YOU! Short- high impact – clarifying with an opportunity for you to move past your own words to DREAM Manifestation!
I am interested in hearing about your dream… you know the niggling idea that keeps popping up and won’t go away. I want to specifically support 3 women who are really ready to Walk Their Talk! Let me know now if you want one of the three seats…
Here is how it works….In late June I will work for three months (two sessions per month) with three women who are ready to create something that they really want to create. By fall the intention is that you will no longer just be talking your dream but you will be taking tangible steps towards walking your dream…To apply for private sessions email me by June 25 with the following:
• Your dream in one paragraph
• How far you have gotten in previous days towards manifesting it
• Two show stoppers ( blocks)
• Why you know you can manifest the dream

Sessions will be way below the normal consulting rate – $500 per month.



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