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After taking time off to regroup this past year I personally needed to check in with myself so I could kick start my life and evaluate what would be next for me. I would like to invite you to consider some of the questions I pondered when reflecting on what was next in my life:


  • Is there a place you lack courage when you think about living your dreams?
  • What stops you from moving forward?
  • Are you getting niggling ideas or thoughts that you are putting to the side- not paying attention to?
  • What risks do you need to take now to grow and to move towards your dreams?
  • How can you now manifest the things you visualize and dream?
  • Day by day what are the first steps you need to take?
  • Dreams are a way to call us forward to live more consciously.

Are you getting any of these signs? If So, Listen Up!

A niggling feeling that something is not right…that we are not fulfilled

 Experiencing a reoccurring sense that there is more to life than the way I am now living.

 Or are you receiving information telling you to move on or make a change now!

 Always listen to these cues because they provide invaluable information and opportunities to move you towards your greatest dreams. Do not be afraid. The rewards of living in alignment with why you are here can be unbeatable and can lead to a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment beyond description!

Maureen Simon

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“If you have unfulfilled dreams, and visions of greater prosperity and success tucked in a corner of your mind, don’t keep them there any longer. Dare to bring them out and dust them off. Dare to begin thinking of the possibilities.” Catherine Ponder

So often we feel distant and far away from our dreams. The true art of living includes inviting your dreams and visions in to your day to day life. There is no need for separation. There is no need for these visions to feel far away. How do we dust them off and begin to dare to think of what might be possible. How do we move from the smallness of our every day thinking to the grandeur of the realm of all possibility?

•    Identify your greatest dreams and visions. Get to know them. Make them your friends. Be, act and live as though they are already a part of your life

•    Observe any small or limited thinking in your day. These are old habits to break out of. Replace them, one by one, as they come up with exciting, expanded, exhilarating new thinking.

As we begin to look closely at our dreams and to make them a part of our every day reality, they will no longer be dreams but they will become our reality.

Maureen Simon  
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