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The Power of the  Summer Solstice: Where is the light brightest in your life?

Sun-stone’s kiss, midsummer pleasure, Welcome all and some. At the hele-stone sing and gather, Every blessed one. ~Caitlin Matthews

The solstice presents us with wonderful opportunities to take note of where the light shines brightest in our lives.  As we reach the longest day of the year we can take inventory of where our greatest gifts of light live in our lives.  This special week take notice of the midsummer sun.  Absorb the warmth.  Light a candle.  Appreciate the light. I am becoming very clear that when I am very grateful for the riches in my life – more riches follow. The light is everywhere now. Shine it on what you are most grateful for .

Happy Summer Solstice! ~ Maureen Simon

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"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...

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Mother Earth is powerful, sensitive and susceptible. I walk through the forest after our recent storm and see her power. We have large tree limbs spliced from the trunks, and old trees toppled over. It is events like storms, thunderous rains and unusual weather that reminds us of her power. But we aren’t often reminded of Mother Earth’s vulnerability. It is subtle and we often take it for granted. For example, we know that autumn changes the trees into brilliant color, and long after the leaves are gone from our front yards, snow will fall, blanketing our communities in protective white. Yet in the northeast this year the trees had just begun to change color when a heavy snow fell. The snow clung to the still green leaves, and the trees didn’t know what to do with the weight. Their branches fell hard and cut power to many homes and businesses.

This visible power teaches us yet again to appreciate the susceptibility of Mother Earth. We are visitors to her home for our life and we must remember to respect her. We can do simple things to make a difference. Be conscious of our use of water, reduce our energy and gas use, recycle and compost whenever possible and be careful of how we affect our environment. If we leave our place on earth better than it was when we arrived, then we can take care of our powerful yet sensitive host. As we admire her magnificence and beauty we can also mother our Mother Earth.

Written By: Guest Author, Leigh Harris, BA, RM
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