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These days I’ve been learning that wealth comes in many forms.  I must admit, I’m most interested in the inner wealth.  Of course, having enough to comfortably live and share is a high value, but at the end of the day, it’s the wealth that I experience when speaking with a client and seeing her business excel, sharing a story with a close friend over a cup of hot tea and watching the mountain at sunset as it displays phenomenal colors before my eyes.  The wealth I am speaking about comes to me in a strong emotion or feeling.  In many cases, it cannot be bought.

The other ides I’ve been thinking about is the endless supply when we believe that all the beauty, wealth and richness in the world are in endless supply.  I’ve learned this lesson in the days when my well had nearly run dry and shortly after I experience an abundance of richness.  It’s so important to move from our smallness to our greatest selves where trust and possibility are natural and omnipresent.  The art here is to believe.

~ Maureen Simon

Maureen is founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and makes a major contribution in the world. Maureen’s experience with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world to create successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. As a social alchemist she addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. Her work as a pioneering consultant supports women to reduce economic stress, open new channels for their personal and business expression and enhances their ability to access the deeper powers and gifts that each woman holds within their feminine essence. As a highly intuitive business and life designer, Maureen incorporates principles of mysticism, alchemy and social entrepreneurism to achieve focused outcomes and results. Join Maureen on Facebook and Twitter.

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I truly believe that we are not much without each other.

When I first had the vision to start The Essential Feminine Company I did not know where to start. I did know that we women have amazing attributes that the world now needs to survive but I was not sure how to begin to research the attributes or how to get the word out. Even before writing the book I was clueless about how to get a better sense for –if what I was thinking resonated with my sisters- friends and colleagues and even if my work and research with Feminine Attributes would make a difference to women’s lives..

I started to reach out…talk about what I believe deeply and I stared to ask for support from women that I most respect. Two years down the road I can look back and see the thousands of women’s lives that have been touched by classes, networking and support. I can also look back and see the many- many women who have supported me in making my dream to serve women a reality. Without each other – we really ARE NOT MUCH. It is in our respect for each other and in the respect and support that we hold for each other’s vision that we ourselves become whole. Quantum physics is enlightening us to understand that we are all interconnected. All life is reliant on all other life AND ALL LIFE IS INTERCONNECTED.

On that note – in the next few months I would like to feature an amazing woman who has deeply inspired me and who has been a major contributor to the success of The Essential Feminine Company. This month I would like to start with:

Nikki Di Virgilio….Nikki is an amazing transformational writer and teacher I was fascinated by Nikki s ability to teach us through her personal life experiences. Her writing show vulnerability and strength that I have gained much from.  I thank her for being an inspiring support and part of our team here at The Essential Feminine Company. Be sure to check our blog to read her work and  visit Nikki’s website and blog at: www.nikkidivirgilio.com

Visit Facebook today to listen to the interview I did with Nikki!

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