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“The ability to endure is probably the most important ingredient in realizing personal success, in business as well as in other areas of our lives.  All too often, we resolve to exercise regularly, lose weight, spend more time with our family and eat more nutritiously.  But all too often that commitment is forgotten, because over the long haul we fail to demonstrate the endurance needed to reach our goal…”

John Marks Templeton, “Discovering the Laws of Life”


What we do must be important to us. We must have personal buy in or the things we say we want to accomplish –simply will not be accomplish, especially in times of challenge.  Once we know what we honestly value from deep inner reflection- the act of achieving it becomes truly possible. It is with ourselves that we must be honest. We are now well into the New Year –time to get real!  Notice what you have committed to in your life- are you living it? If not start today!

What we truly value and what we are committed to naturally shows up in our life- often without struggle- and with ease. The old saying holds true in this case- “where we place our attention/intention – energy follows”.  Also remember endurance, diligence and having a focused commitment are all key to successful manifesting. Many stop dreaming, wishing or creating when they hit a wall. Actually this is a time when many new answers, solutions and new directions reveal themselves – if we are open and listen.

So let’s get started. Answer the below questions and see how ready you are to manifest something great:

  • What is it that you want to create/manifest?
  • Are you ready to call this intention/manifestation in daily for 3 months? (In your prayers, verbally stating it in a ritual or any way that suits you).
  • Can you create small steps or actions to make it real?
  • When wobbly or in doubt- or strong and invigorated- can you stay diligent with endurance? (hint: there may be many tests along the way- stay strong the rewards may be huge)!
  • Check in regularly to see if you are truly committed…update the creation you envision as needed but stay true to its creation.
  • Do not be a lone cowgirl- get support. When we help each other much more gets created.
  • To regular and new readers:

You may remember when we were winding down 2016 together-and we started to look towards 2017? Many of us stated a clear doable intention for this year. Well we are now here…how is it going? I would love to hear. If you were not with us then – start now and let me know what yours is. I am happy to be your witness.


Maureen Simon

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