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This past week end was Thanksgiving here in the States and I had a truly relaxed and reflective weekend. As a special bonus. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Patmore (Leslie Nicol) -the cook from Downton Abbey (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/downtonabbey/).


Maureen and Leslie Nicol








What a refreshing treat that was! Having spent years in the music industry, I have had the opportunity to meet many stars and  public figures so when I was invited to come along and meet Mrs. Patmore I was not over the moon. But because I love the show it sounded like fun.


I found Leslie Nicol to be one of the most humble and grounded celebrities I have ever met. She spoke of London – a city we shared – as I would with a close girlfriend. She showed her vulnerability and humanness in the most beautiful way. She won my respect and got me thinking:


How can I be myself fully expressing my gifs and at the same time be FULLY present in all the lives I touch?  What does humility mean to me and how can I live with this beautiful attribute at the fore front of my life?


I always like to look at the day to day situations I encounter and find a valuable take away from each experience. What is your answer to the above questions?


Maureen Simon

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