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What is a Golden Elixir? Do You Need to Find Yours?

The Women’s Elixir* Course

The Women’s Elixir* Course

Quite a while ago I missed an international flight while reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho a life transforming fictional classic that I believe is right up there with many of the great books of wisdom. As I sat reading in the airport I think I was most inspired and enthralled by the clear way that Paulo communicates the fact that we are not alone when aspiring towards creating our dreams- there is so much support on so many levels and in so realms- seen and unseen. We just need to be clear about what we most desire and dream of and then we must begin to reach for our dreams. Most often in these dreams and desires you will find the life you are really… here to live. Many of you know that I believe that each of us have a reason (meaning) for being here and when that meaning lines up with our values and with the gifts we have to offer- the universe opens up and success and fulfillment prevail.

This quote- below- from the Alchemist really got me started in pursuing my dreams and has stayed with me long after the plane flew over my head in Heathrow – London.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting….And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

I guess you could say the veil lifted for me on that day in the airport and my life work to support women began. You never know exactly where the light bulb of life will go off for you! Always pay attention! I recently sat down and created a course for a small group of women that is the accumulation of my life’s work and learning’s. I will be sharing this with a small group of women starting in early June.  I am totally excited to work intimately with women on this shared journey. 

The Women’s Elixir* Course

How to Achieve Profit, Influence and Passion in Today’s New World Economy

I personally invite you to work with me in a small hand selected group of women over a two month period as we take a life transforming journey that you will never forget –to redesign your life! See all the details here!

When registering use the code: to get well over 50% off till May 28thELIXIRSPECIAL. 

The course runs Thursday June 27 – August 15 for 8 consecutive Thursdays. One session will be held on Wednesday July 3 due to a US holiday. Sessions will be 1 ½ hours beginning at 12 pm PST.


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