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When involved in self-actualization work, one often hears metaphors and analogies involving the rhetoric of sleep.  Here at The Essential Feminine Company, our wonderful leader Maureen Simon, Founder and Creative Director, often encourages women to “wake up!”  And earlier this week, she wrote a blog about the vital importance of following our dreams.  So, what do we make of this theme?
The experience of sleeping is considered unconscious, being awake, conscious.  However, even when we are awake, we may not be living a conscious (as in intentional) life.  Terminology gets more complicated by the fact that we are able to dream while, apparently, unconscious.  Thus we are left with a rhetorical headache and philosophical query: what does it actually mean to be conscious or unconscious?  I haven’t the answer, sorry to disappoint.  Though, I cannot help but find the idea of dreaming fascinating.  Dreams are born out of our unconscious; most will agree that we have little control of our dreams (I am talking about both definitions of dreams: sleepy experiences and hopes/wishes).  Yet, it takes a certain level of consciousness to be able to decipher a dream.  Once deciphered, to fulfill a dream takes clarity and bravery—a highly conscious being.
So, what do we take from the theme?  That we must strive for full consciousness in order to decipher our dreams, and in following our dreams we support the fulfillment of our soul.  Easier said than done, as always.  Just remember: with each blink we open our eyes to a mind-boggling reality and with each breath we fulfill the need to be alive.  Our only limit is our own consciousness.  As the Chinese proverb says, “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” (Awakening the Essential Feminine, Claiming Your Influential Power).

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