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Why? Many of us fear the dark- the dark of night – the dark experiences that life presents us with.

Fear not- for the darkness provides us with the well needed contrast which allows us to fully experience light. Each experience that we have that feels dark– carries with it in the lessons and opportunities that it leads us to -the light This season  is full of short days and if we allow darkness  to inform us – it will be a great teacher and friend. Do take time to go with in and explore the places, feelings and thoughts within you that you normally would not go because of a lack of time or stillness. Find time to be still and listen from with in..

To be clear and conscious in our businesses we must be clear about the richer deeper meaning of our life. We can clearly hear messages and experience thoughts and divinations when we make time to listen.  Notice in the quiet of these dark days what comes to mind. You may get feelings and guidance that will reveal the deeper meaning of your existence here. Look for the deeper meaning of your life in the quiet. Notice what most excites you and where you are drawn. When you live and express the deeper meaning of your life each day in the work or service we offer we simply are living consciously.

Enjoy the special and sacred season.                                                                              May good things come your way.                                                                                 Warmly, Maureen


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Did you ever think of designing an amazing blueprint for your life?  Actually becoming highly intentional instead of reactive, there is a way to do this.  This past month I had the opportunity to facilitate a webinar with thirty women from three continents looking specifically at this issue.

We no longer need to react to life, if we choose to co-create it.  I believe that our intentions guide the way that our life is formed and lived.  When we begin to look at our lives from the perspective of what is working and what is no longer working we get our first indication as to what needs to be changed.  Another indicator that is useful in creating a blueprint for your life is what from the past served you at one time, but no longer serves you today?  Take a moment and evaluate the different beliefs, values, and needs that you have that stem from the past and at one time served you well. Update these beliefs and needs to reflect what you believe and need now.  Too often we live in the past and limit ourselves based on days gone by.

Lastly, begin to notice how you feel doing a given task, spending time with specific people, or in any other area of your life.  How we feel is an indicator as to whether or not we are living our life in alignment with what we enjoy, truly value, and believe.  Living consciously is the only way to go these days, but it takes some practice slowing down and contemplation.  Make time for these things and you will live a life that you choose and desire.  Join us to create your own Women’s Success Blueprint at our two upcoming webinars on January 20 and 27.  Contact us at info@theessentialfeminine.com

Maureen Simon
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