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In a recent blog posted by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF in response to the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), she wrote that:

“I feel strongly that the global community is beginning to respond.

Why? Three reasons: a shared sense of urgency, a shared diagnosis of the problems,

and a shared sense that the steps needed in the period ahead are now coming into


These three reasons promote change.  If we in ourselves have a sense of urgency concerning a problem, clearly understand what the problem is and the steps needed for change – change can happen.

In our world today, the economic crisis is only one of the chaotic situations that we face.  All around us we are beset by problems in international relations, education, health care, and unemployment – a seemingly overwhelming array.  It’s enough to make you want to get in bed, pull the covers over your head and hide.  That won’t get us through this.

However, all around us there is something else stirring; a force, a movement that like young seedlings making their way into the light is happening.  Women are waking up to their possibilities.

There is definitely an urgency to make change now.  The diagnosis appears to be a great imbalance in the world from years of living from a masculine perspective.  (Aggression, hierarchy in business, etc.)   The steps needed to create that change rely on developing a greater feminine perspective in our lives.  The steps for this to happen, for women to take the lead and to begin to influence now, include discovering who they truly are beneath all the socialization, claiming those attributes and bringing them forth into our world.

Do you feel the urgency?  Share the diagnosis? Are you willing to take the steps, claim your birthright and make a difference?

Judie Fouchaux

Guest Blogger, The Essential Feminine

P.S. For more information on your feminine attributes, see Maureen Simon’s book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”

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“There is no reason to let go of old ways of being and explore newness if the old ways still work.”

Dannen Parry

 I had the distinct pleasure of doing a number of trainings with Dannen on the subject of “Peace Making Between Men and Women”.  He taught me a great deal that still lives on in me today.  Dannen’s philosophy was clear and simple.  We hang on to our old ways until they become painful or are no longer of service.  It is only at that time that we release the old ways and move on. 

This is important to us as women today.  We have lived within a society that has emphasized the masculine perspective and masculine attributes (logical, intellectual, rational, objective, individualistic, unemotional, dominating).  We have neglected to explore feminine attributes (people skills, language abilities, a drive to network, contextual thinking, concern for the whole, etc.) and to value them.  We, as women, and our society are suffering because of the resulting imbalance.  We need to discover within ourselves our natural strengths, honor these strengths and bring them forth into for forefront of our lives for healing to take place.  In this process, we must also look at how we support our “old ways” of thinking and acting.  Are they behaviors that no longer serve us and thus, can be released so we can move on. 

 As women, we can develop a Feminine Perspective when moving towards success and better serve ourselves and our world.

Maureen Simon  
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