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Hello girlfriends – When I listen to my inner self, I find the answers I need. They may not always be the answers I want, though.

How many of us truly stay true to our own instincts?  I find myself starting to doubt my instincts at times.  My heart tells me one thing, and my mind goes in another direction.  The majority of the time, when I don’t go with my heart, I find myself not going in the right direction.  I often wonder and ask myself, “Why didn’t I follow my heart on this?”  My best advice to you is follow your heart — follow your instincts.

Why do we doubt our instincts?  Could fear be involved here?  Could it be, not trusting yourself enough to know that your heart won’t mislead you?  At times, we think things through too much and we don’t give our instincts any consideration.  The way to start trusting your instincts is to put them to the test. Next time your instincts tell you this is what you should be doing — follow them — DO IT!

I will share a story with you — years ago, I woke up from a dream and in this dream, an ex-employer/friend is about to commit suicide.  Now, I had lost contact with this person, but as I was awoken by this dream, I listened to my heart and instincts, which told me to find him.  I set out that day to find this man. Long story short — I ended up calling his dad in another state and he alerted me that he has been quite concerned for his son.  He graciously thanked me for reaching out.  He gave me his home address, and after my all day search, I had an address now.  I went to his home and when I knocked at his door — he answered and looked confused — unshaven, listless, and almost hopeless.  He asked what I was doing there, and I advised him of my dream.  He invited me in and he told me that he was contemplating the ending of his life.  In the weeks to come, he got out of his slump by moving back to where his parents and family lived.  He moved back in with his parents and in that first month, his father passed away. You see if that morning, I would have talked myself out of going to find him, I’m not quite sure what the outcome would have been.  For now, I am happy I followed what I believed.

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!

Nancy Shields

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The Spirit of a Woman

Hello Girlfriends – Author Hugh Prather from the Quiet Answer states, “you need never fear your desires or run from your fantasies.”

A woman, gentle as a flower, graceful like a swan – a most beautiful elegant species.  Yes, WE hold those beautiful qualities and now to learn to embrace these amazing qualities in each one of us.  We are captivated by beautiful women as a society.  Movie stars that grace our screens – one graceful actress in my humble opinion is Angelina Jolie.  I watched her recently in the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp; they opened the movie with her walking the streets of Paris.  She was adorned with a figure, elegant and truly sophisticated, exquisite clothing adorned her body and what made her even more beautiful was her delicate walk.  As the camera panned her from every angle – she floated across the pavement.  Watch someone’s walk – it will tell you a lot about that person.  I hope this blog allows us to think about the way we walk as women.  I believe we really need to embrace our femininity and accept the fact that we were made WOMEN.  Let’s really enjoy the fact of this.  We were created with so much beauty within, that it shines out of us.

Let’s pay attention to our walking – being mindful is a start.  Notice a woman that walks gracefully.  She looks taller, more confident and truly beautiful!

The title of this blog is the Spirit of a Woman.  The spirit lies deep within each of us and from that inner place it extends out to the world to see.  Values, morals, character are all connected to the spirit.  When we walk with conviction, with purpose we are telling the world you want to be respected, to be honored as the beautiful woman that you are!

I ask that we be aware and notice our walks, our feminine spirit and I join you in walking taller in confidence and in love for yourself!

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!


Nancy Shields                                      

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On November 28th, 2011 we are launching Maureen Simon’s virtual book tour for her book, Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power.

Virtual Book Tour Dates: November 28th-December 7th 2011.

What is a virtual book tour?

What is a Virtual Book Tour? (VBT)
A VBT is an online “event” where an author “visits” a different blog each day during a specified period of time. Maureen’s book tour is 10 days in duration. Each day we encourage you to visit each host on the tour and receive a different gift. Maureen has put together three beautiful videos for you, interviews, a podcast, heartfelt answers about intuition, and shared several excerpts from her book.

Join us Monday November 28th as we launch Maureen’s virtual book tour with a live radio show!

Full virtual book tour details are listed below.  Stop by each day and enjoy several juicy gifts from Maureen.

Hint: Some virtual book tour hosts will be giving away copies of Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power ~ For women who know that their feminine gifts are needed now and for women who want to know more. To find out which hosts are hosting a giveaway be sure to follow along the tour each day.

Day 1: Monday November 28th, 2011~ Radio Host: Linda Rivero Kicks of VBT with a live radio show.

Linda is the host of Global Feminine Rising Radio Celebrating the Rise of Feminine Energy on our Planet. Did you miss the kick off on live radio? No problem, here’s the replay link.

Visit Linda’s website ~ The New Entrepreneurial Woman www. ganew-connection.com

Day 2: Tuesday November 29th, 2011 ~ Host: Nancy Shields         

Day number two stops by to visit Nancy Shield’s. Her website ~ Make Girl Friends ~ Girlfriends Unite is a fun and fabulous place for women to meet, share and inspire each other. Nancy will be sharing a special video Maureen created for you about “gratitude”

Nancy is a woman with passion and a vision of inspiring and empowering others to be better people for themselves and in turn for the world! She encourages others to grow in their daily lives; to be open to change. She is here to listen to your thoughts and in turn be your collective voice.

Day 3: Wednesday November 30th, 2011~ Host: Sherry (Red)

Visit Red’s website ~ The Redhead Riter to see the three heartfelt answers Maureen answers about intuition. Especially this question. How do we teach others or our daughters to trust and use their intuition? Find out Maureen’s answer and read an excerpt from her book on intuition.  Sherry has an amazing Blogfrog community full of outspoken women, you are going to want to visit and connect with.

Day 4: Thursday December 1, 2011 ~ Host: Leigh Edwards

Visit Leigh’s website ~ A Leigh Edwards  for a delightful excerpt from Maureen’s book about relationships and inter-connectedness. As a Law of Attraction Practitioner, Leigh helps conscious, heart-centered women build and strengthen their relationship with themselves as a foundation to uncover their “blocks” and LEAP fearlessly into living the life of their dreams…Body/Mind/Spirit. She has openly been sharing her thoughts on a recent loss in her life.

Day 5: Friday Dec. 2, 2011 ~ Hosts: Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

Stop on by and visit Carol and Stacy’s blog ~ Intentional Conscious Parenting. They have a very special interview with Maureen to share with you.  Carol and Stacy write about conscious parenting topics, book reviews, author interviews and host live author chats. Carol and Stacy are following a passion of writing children’s picture books that teach children about intuition, their angels, their physical & energy bodies and much more. They are here to support the inner light of the children and connect parents and authors of like-minded thought.

Day 6: Saturday December 3, 2011~ Host: Karyn Janelle Davis

Karyn is the designer and creator of “A Glorious You” Visionary, Creator of the Pocket Coach, NLP Trainer & LOVER of human excellence! Entrepreneur, Director of Forward Focus Ltd, All By Design & 4sisters. Co-Developer of The HOW: Develop Your Inner Coach DVD, Co-Arthur of Questions: You are the Answer You Seek. Host of Change – Masters In Action on Motivational Radio with over 2 million weekly listeners.
Continuing along on the virtual book tour, Maureen will be making a virtual stop in New Zealand! Visit Karyn’s website 4 Sisters Connect. Stop by for a special video about transformation created in Maureen’s lovely herb and flower garden just for you!

Day 7: Sunday December 4, 2011 ~ Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis is a freelance writer, intuitive coach, clairvoyant and medium from the New York area. She is also a financial salesperson with a 25 year background in financial planning, private banking and real estate finance. Her ability to navigate a demanding finance career while developing spiritually and psychically have given her a reputation as a very grounded and practical intuitive reader and medium. On day 7 Maureen stops by virtually to Angela Artemis’s website ~ Powered By Intuition. Join Angela and Maureen for a very special podcast about intuition, including the answer to this question. Do you think the message of the Essential Feminine will change the way corporations are structured? 

What led Maureen to discover the message of the “essential feminine?” Why is “the essential feminine” an important message for women to embrace today? What are the “attributes” of  the “essential feminine?” Can women find more success through using their “essential gifts?” How will using “essential feminine gifts” affect corporate culture? What are Maureen’s views on women, intuition and business success?

Day 8: Monday December 5, 2011~ Host: Kasey Mathews

Kasey is a leader of creative writing workshops, Kasey has inspired hundreds of school-aged children to write and capture their thoughts and feelings on paper. She had the privilege of leading adult writers in her workshops, The Write to Heal. Kasey is currently training as a Reiki volunteer in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and working toward becoming a Reiki Master. Like many of us, her bedside table and bookshelves are overflowing with her beloved books.
Be sure to stop by and visit Kasey on day 8 of Maureen’s virtual tour for a special video about “conscious choices.” Are you fully showing up for yourself each day? 

Day 9: Tuesday December 6, 2011 ~ Host: Jacqueline Rizk

The second to the last day of the tour makes another fun stop at The Organic Blonde. Be sure to visit Jacqueline Rizk ~ The Organic Blonde to read an excerpt from Maureen’s book about communication.  After several years of battling inexplicable fatigue, hormonal disturbances, skin allergies and other health issues that were just not normal in someone her age, Jacqueline decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. She became passionate about what went into her body, and what she used on her skin and in her home, even what she fed her darling pets. She wanted to take her passion to the streets. The Organic Blonde is that passion!

Day10: Wednesday December 7, 2012 ~ Host: Leigh Harris

Our final and last day of the tour wraps up at Leigh Harris’s website Metaphysical Mom (and Dad)Stop by and say hello to Leigh and take a look at the excerpt from Maureen’s book about harmony & peacemaking.  Leigh Harris has one overarching passion: to empower others to make permanent changes in their own lives. Leigh has positively affected over 7500 adults and children in her work. Her clients and graduates have made permanent changes in their lives with improved confidence in their actions, increased self-esteem and quality of life, and released blocks to attain new levels of personal trust and success.

Thank you everyone for following along Maureen Simon’s virtual book tour. A big shout out to all the virtual book tour hosts! You were all hand-picked for the values and content you deliver to your audience.

From our heart to yours, Thank you to all of you for being a part of such a fun and vital event. We look forward to hearing your feedback, reading your comments and mailing off copies to all the winners!

If you missed the special invitation for December’s Live Living Room, you can see all the details here. 

Connect with  Maureen on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheEssentialFeminineCompany
And on Twitter @essenfeminine
The Essential Feminine Company http://www.theessentialfeminine.com

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Hello Girlfriends – As I take off from Raleigh Durham airport flying to Dallas with my final destination of San Francisco I write this blog to you. I always request a window seat because I love to look at the bigger picture.   As you ascend you see the homes as they get smaller.  You observe the clouds as they pass by below and around you.  The higher you climb the smaller things get.

This analogy in life pertains to our everyday lives. The higher we climb in knowing ourselves, in accepting who we are, in improving our characters, in being the spiritual beings that we are called to be, the smaller things here on earth look.

We sometimes miss the big picture because we get so focused on all the smaller things life throws our way.  Everyone’s definition of small varies – I guess it depends on your tolerance, your perspective, your attitude, your life experiences.  Think of some things that may be going on in your life that may be considered small and remember to see the bigger picture. 

In the book by Amanda Owen, The Power of Receiving, it states:  “although our egos have an important function, they just don’t have the bigger picture; they don’t have an aerial view.”

Sometimes the bigger picture can’t be seen because of the dense fog or clouds that engulf us.  We ask for rays of sunshine so we can have a break in the clouds.  At times the bigger picture cannot be seen due to turbulence – those small bumps in the air.  We must remain focused to be able to be grounded within ourselves to truly take in what life has to give us and be able to process it.  The key word is “process”.  Do whatever it takes to process life – when we avoid it or are in denial then it seems to me that the same issues keep coming up in different scenarios. 

We must feel the pain to go through the pain.  If we choose not to feel the pain and instead numb the pain with alcohol, pills, activities to distract us then the pain will creep up over and over again.

So when life throws you lemons, let’s make lemonade and remember to be aware that there’s always a bigger picture in this big adventure we call life…..

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us ! 

Written By: Guest Author Nancy Shields

Visit Nancy’s website: Make Girlfriends and her blog

Make Girlfriends Blog

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New Beginnings

Hello Girlfriends – Roman Philosopher Seneca affirmed, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”  This also is part of song lyric by Greenday.

What are some new beginnings; a new job, new home, new friends.  How do we do with new beginnings? Do we welcome them or fear them?  Are they challenges or a breathe of fresh air?  I personally have had a new beginning since last June.  I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area last July, from there moved to Asheville, North Carolina in December and now another move.  A new beginning awaits me with every move.  Made wonderful new friends while in California; ones that will be with me for a lifetime; sometimes you just know when you’ve met amazing women.  In my opinion, new beginnings signify change and change signifies new adventures.  A new beginning can give you another chance at life at times.  So if you are ending an old way of thinking, or an old pattern of living, take it and make the most of it.  Don’t be afraid to create a new beginning.

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all! 

Guest blogger Nancy Shields
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