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I need to say from the start that I am Irish and that I truly love England. She is an old friend although we have a deep challenging history. I also must say that I was truly shocked by her vote yesterday to leave the EU. I myself question many things about the EU including, how it is run, the excessive bureaucracy and the endless inefficiencies. But I have always seen this great model as holding many opportunities for humanity. I have seen it as a place where we can learn to live and work together and to move towards-unity. I see the EU holding the potential for us to measure how we are doing as humans. Are we getting along, collaborating and supporting each other to be something bigger than we are on our own?


I believe that England’s decision to leave was made from fear greatly influenced by the mass migration that Europe is experiencing. Living here these days, I can certainly see that this is a valid concern as social systems are overburdened in all countries as refugees arrive and mass migration is a way of life.

As I was sitting in shock after hearing the results I wondered:

~ What are the solutions to Europe’s migration and many other problems?

~Can we stand by and watch people fleeing from wars with infants in their arms as they make their way onto         unsafe boats boarding for unknown lands and often never making it?

~When does their crisis become ours?

For England I guess it was all too much. She wanted her sovereignty back. Historically -she sailed solo on the great seas. With her renowned navy, she held power, strength and dominance in the world. She still holds this memory. I believe England made her decision – from a place of fear not strength. She wanted to return to controlling her destiny, as this is what she knows best. But I think she missed a very important point- that solo sailing is a thing of the past. I believe she missed a major opportunity. Far greater, more courageous options of leadership were available to her which would have allowed her to provide guidance and to use her many gifts and experiences to steer Europe to higher ground- but she did not make this choice.

In this time of distress for many, there is some good news. I am meeting other people, like myself, who seek to work in collaboration and partnership with others. Who have in the past been the lone cowboys and cowgirls and are done with this way of being. I am meeting many who are concerned deeply about the wellbeing of others and know that we are all interconnected and the pain of the woman refugee escaping her war-torn country with her baby on the boat ~is our pain. We are all interconnected and can no longer afford to turn our heads or isolate.

It is clear to me that Europe is at a crossroads and it needs to become the leader in finding solutions to many diverse problems. 

Many questions remain:

Will the remaining 27 EU nations pull together and grow from yesterday’s experience?

Will they be the ones who find compassionate- solutions to the problems of mass migration- unnecessary war and hate?

Will the EU become the model that it has the potential to be?

I believe that within every crisis lies an opportunity. What could he opportunity be here?

Maybe it is time to ask the question that the great philosopher Aristotle asked- way back-

“Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts”? If  we collectively answer yes I believe there is hope.

Maureen Simon

Maureen Simon Consulting



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I am very clear that the time for women is now –right now—to wake up—to come fully alive and to look at the world we each live in awake and fully alive. Something is different now. There is a new opening for us to recreate the world as we know it by contributing –in our own special way –with our own special gifts. No –none of us need one more thing “to do”.  However , the change that many of us are sensing in the world today is  calling women forward “to be” more of who we really are- not “to do” more.  How we chose to live –value ourselves and our day to day contributions are all of a sudden more important than ever. In a way we are needed to compensate for lost time –when the silent feminine was undervalued. When we “get” that we are each here to show up- and not hide- our lives will become easier –more aligned. It took me a while to get this and I am  still learning –but I am clear that  I need to live and participate consciously and fully  alive– day by day.

 I wrote part of the introduction to my new book- “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”- to express how I see this playing out in the bigger picture ( see below).

 Where do you fit into all this ??  I believe you do.

 Here is part of the introduction to my new book:

 “In order for our world to be fair and harmonious, we need to equalize those areas where equalization has not existed in the past. We must strengthen women’s voices and deepen our understanding of our gifts and talents for this equalization to occur. This book offers an opportunity for women to understand and claim some of the innate talents, gifts, and abilities that the feminine holds. I believe that women are predisposed to these feminine gifts by the very nature of our birth, biology, and socialization. We are now poised in a perfect position to bring the pendulum back to center, where the masculine and feminine can live side by side, empowering each other and fully utilizing the gifts of both”.

What do you think?

 Maureen Simon

Maureen Simon  
Founder and Creative Director  
The Essential Feminine™ Company  
Author “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power  

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A problem is a chance for you to do your best.

Duke Ellington

 A problem is an opportunity.  When I look back over my life I realize that each problem had a distinct lesson attached to it. Sometimes these lessons did not become clear until many years later. I remember many challenging times when I lived in London that did not make sense to me at the time, but now have become pillars of strength as I look back and remember lessons learned. Failed relationships, problems with finances, issues with friends and family and even our health all carry a special message.  What does it mean if a relationship that you are dealing with feels disharmonious, is there something to learn about this? How can you become more clear about your ability to gather and glean information from both your history and your current situations.

 As I mentioned my life in London held many challenges, new culture, difficult relationship, and a loss of all that was familiar to me in my day-to-day life.  At thirty I literally started my life over.  The support that I needed was not there.  I learned to turn within. I studied subjects such as loneliness to understand what the root of loneliness is.  I learned that I had all I needed within   myself. And that I just needed to relax, look at the parts of my life that was working and build upon them.  I think we all have moments where problems feel overwhelming, but in reality they are great indicators for lessons that need to be learned.


Maureen Simon    

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