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“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

-Viktor Frankl

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Victor Frankl was a concentration camp survivor.  For him to be the one to teach us that the freedom of our attitude cannot be taken away from us is truly an eye opener.  When one reaches the bottom and has the strength to teach about choices and attitude one is truly a Saint.  It is true “ Everything can be taken from a person…but one’s attitude.”

When you look at the way you approach life is your attitude a healthy one, and inspiring one?  Where could your attitude serve you and all around you in a better way?  It is in these moments of contemplation where enlightenment occurs.  The world needs us to wake up now and show a light on all is dark.

-Maureen Simon

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“Explore your own higher altitudes…Nay be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels not of trade but of thought.  Every man (woman) is the lord of a realm beside which the earthly empire of the Czar is but a petty state, a hummock left by the ice.”

Henry D. Thoreau “On Man & Nature”

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Much of our life is lived in the invisible. We have the option of a conscious spiritual inner life and we can make important life decisions informed from within. And if we chose, we can commit to a deeper – richer inner world. Sit quietly- learn to still your mind. Notice what thoughts and feelings come in. Allow yourself to hear and feel yourself. It is in the higher altitude that you will truly know yourself and your needs and from this knowledge live a rich life of meaning.

Happy flying!

Maureen Simon

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How do you define prosperity?

So many of us- have been socialized- to view prosperity from the lens of finance and hard core money.  Even the dictionary mentions the financial respects of prosperity as being key when it defines prosperity as:

“A successful, flourishing or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune”.

In launching The Essential Feminine Company I have learned so much about prosperity that I have made it a personal focus in my live and one that I will be sharing with women in our community in the months to come. For me prosperity– true prosperity becomes available to us fully in life when our material wealth is derived from a deep inner knowing of ourselves Then it can be created and re-created in all areas of our lives…for the rest of our lives. Prosperity can include financial abundance and yet it is not limited to financial abundance.

Here is a prosperity formula for you to think about- food for thought that has recently served as the base of my personal inner work and with some of the work I have been doing with my clients—

When you line up-in your life:

 – Your talents and gifts with what you enjoy and love to do and then …

–  Tune in to what contribution you are here to make (or connect more with your life’s destiny) then…

– You build a life where prosperity will thrive and your harvest will be rich!

In the next few months I am excited to share my experiences in growing The Essential Feminine and my new awareness’s about prosperity and how you can claim it in your life. Stay tuned for more!!

Happy autumn!

Maureen Simon

Please do leave me a comment. Share your views on prosperity & feel free to come on over and join me on Facebook!

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What does “really knowing”-really mean? Is it possible to really know what is right for us or to really know what path to take? Can we live doubtless, fearless and clear lives?

I believe so. I believe that there is clear guidance that can give us a sense of assuredness- from the inside out if we take the time to listen and if we decide to trust. How do we get to know and eventually claim this assuredness? To me this is what conscious living really is all about.

Many of us live life like a leaf blowing in the wind…allowing external voices and forces  to stir us around hence we never really “get “what we want or need. Many women that I have spoken with  have told me that they get so caught up in the external picture of what is right or being asked of them that they are not sure – who they “really are”. Some say they lack confidence and clarity on what their lives are really about- living in a state of unassured confusion…

I think we all have times when we question our life and how we are living it but there comes a time when we must be conscious about how we want to live – life—about why we are really here and about what we really desire and create it. This level of refined living IS conscious living!

To really deeply know:

  • Why you are really here on this fine earth
  • What is most important to you
  • What you really want
  • How to truly enjoy life


  • Stop Daily to listen
  • Reflect and pay attention to messages thoughts and divinations from within
  • Draw clear information from these messages- that can be applied practically in your daily life
  • Create space to include new commitments- ideas and ways of working and being in your day to day life

Through my work with hundreds of women individually and with thousands in groups I have been fortunate to support many women to see their lives with totally new eyes as they claim divine clarity!

Give it a go….you may be amazed at what you find from within!

Maureen  Simon


Maureen is founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and makes a major contribution in the world. Private consultations with Maureen Simon are available to support you in designing the life and business you truly desire. If you are interested in working with Maureen – you can obtain –a one-time Clarification Session to help you prioritize your specific needs and desires.

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photo (12) for May 16th Blog                     In the next few weeks, as I prepare the final details for our Elixir Course I will be sharing with you thoughts, ideas and suggestions about how to move our lives from where we are to where we most desire to be.  The Elixir Course that I will be speaking about is now filling.  Designing this course has given me the opportunity to reflect on the most powerful approaches, systems and processes that have helped me in my life to date.  In the beginning of my sabbatical I realized that I needed to begin by knowing “myself”.  Not the aimless self in the world but the deepest self, the inner voice and the knowing underneath the busy mind.  I decided to start the Elixir with some powerful exercises that will help us to really  understand that when we know who we are and what we are made of we can create deeply meaningful and fulfilling lives.  I designed the course so that we begin with an inner journey, getting the answers to these questions.  By the time we end, eight weeks later, we create in the world from the inside out.

I believe each of us is here to create an impact and to effect change.  I also believe there has never been a time on this planet where there are more openings and opportunities for us to show up and make a contribution.  I suggest that if you are interested in creating a life of contribution and meaning that you answer this question.

  • How well do you know yourself? (Are there external voices and influences confusing you?)
  • What do you now need to create in your life?
  • Are you committed to taking your life to the next level?  If so, what does that look like?  If not, what’s stopping you?

Remember if you are joining me for the full Elixir course, reserve your seat now.  This course will fill as we are limiting the size.

Maureen   J. Simon
Founder and Creative Director
The Essential Feminine™   Company
“Awakening The Essential   Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”

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It‘s your life – Decide to live it consciously- Now!

February 21 and March 7 at 12 – 1:15 pm PST

The 2013 Redesign Your Life –Online Sessions!

What do you most desire? Time is moving on….are you coming or staying in the past?

An Amazing Partner,

More inner Peace,

More Abundance,

Full expression in your work and Life Purpose…

First you need to discover what needs to be different…

Then…you need to find out what you are really committed to NOW!

Finally you need to really create life – from the inside out.

Join me

Together we will-

  • Look at the dreams you keep dreaming and not creating and why
  • Decide what intentions you are now committed to create in 2013—including what you value –deeply- and want to create or have more of in your life
  • Create a clear intentional – measurable plan
  • Live your clear – strong manifestations
  • Have an opportunity to measure your results 3 months out!

Join me on a life transforming journey as I share my personal manifestation process for a conscious Business and Life Design.

The clearer we are the easier it is to live the life we so desire to live.

Option #1

The 2013 Redesign Your Life –Online Sessions

February 21 and March 7 at 12 – 1:15 pm PST

$159.00- for 2 on line sessions- (Group size is limited – Reserve your seat NOW).

Purchase Now!

Option #2

(Offer available only to those purchasing Jan 26th and 31st course. Registration only available until January 26, 2013) .

Measure Your Results Session

April 25, 2013 — 12 noon to 1:15 PST

$59.00- for one on line follow up session.

Purchase Now!


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Why? Many of us fear the dark- the dark of night – the dark experiences that life presents us with.

Fear not- for the darkness provides us with the well needed contrast which allows us to fully experience light. Each experience that we have that feels dark– carries with it in the lessons and opportunities that it leads us to -the light This season  is full of short days and if we allow darkness  to inform us – it will be a great teacher and friend. Do take time to go with in and explore the places, feelings and thoughts within you that you normally would not go because of a lack of time or stillness. Find time to be still and listen from with in..

To be clear and conscious in our businesses we must be clear about the richer deeper meaning of our life. We can clearly hear messages and experience thoughts and divinations when we make time to listen.  Notice in the quiet of these dark days what comes to mind. You may get feelings and guidance that will reveal the deeper meaning of your existence here. Look for the deeper meaning of your life in the quiet. Notice what most excites you and where you are drawn. When you live and express the deeper meaning of your life each day in the work or service we offer we simply are living consciously.

Enjoy the special and sacred season.                                                                              May good things come your way.                                                                                 Warmly, Maureen


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It took me a while- actually- most of my life to realize I had been living my life with an imposed definition of success.

My parents are humble Irish folk who actually instilled in me -a sense of appreciation for the simple – grounded aspects of life. Growing up in the States I guess I learned a different more high powered definition of success, one that I associated with the “American Dream”.

For many -success is defined by owning an amazing car, a number of houses, having the world at your fingertips and by having a full bank account. In my life, at various times, I have been blessed to experience all of these things and over the course of my life many of these things have come and gone- some more than once. Having had such diverse experiences with material success has given me the opportunity to assess and look closely at what I truly value– what is most important to me. I have come to believe that family friends, precious time in nature, connection to spirit and creating the precious time to listen from within- are core values for me.

I have come to learn that life has phases and stages – often unrelated to our chronological age. These phases and stages provide us with a chance to connect with our higher wisdom and knowledge.  It is so important to take the time to look closely at our lives and to be aware of what guides and drives us. It is important to check in and to determine if we are driven by images and ideas of the past and if we are defining success from external sources and not from our core values.

This week we will coming together to Redefine Success during our new on line course: Redefining Success: Custom Designing An Empowered and Fulfilled Life


I hope you can join us and share the word!

Hope to see you there,

Maureen Simon

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