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“Power comes from a higher sense of meaning. When you line up the higher a sense of meaning, the power starts to flow.”


When we create our business and our life from a sense that we are lining up our actions in service to something of value- and for something greater than ourselves we create a sense of power within ourselves. We also become more attractive which draws people and experiences to us.  In order for us to create lives and businesses that make a contribution and bring happiness to our own lives we must be clear about our mission, our offer, and our desired outcome. Power comes from this clarity. As we approach 2017 get clear on:

~do you have a sense of power in your life?

~what needs to be different for you to claim your power more fully?

~are you clear about why you are here on planet earth?

Power begins with clarity. Show up and live fully expressing yours.

Maureen Simon

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“The ability to endure is probably the most important ingredient in realizing personal success, in business as well as in other areas of our lives.  All too often, we resolve to exercise regularly, lose weight, spend more time with our family and eat more nutritiously.  But all too often that commitment is forgotten, because over the long haul we fail to demonstrate the endurance needed to reach our goal…”

John Marks Templeton, “Discovering the Laws of Life”


What we do must be important to us. We must have personal buy in or the things we say we want to accomplish –simply will not be accomplish, especially in times of challenge.  Once we know what we honestly value from deep inner reflection- the act of achieving it becomes truly possible. It is with ourselves that we must be honest. We are now well into the New Year –time to get real!  Notice what you have committed to in your life- are you living it? If not start today!

What we truly value and what we are committed to naturally shows up in our life- often without struggle- and with ease. The old saying holds true in this case- “where we place our attention/intention – energy follows”.  Also remember endurance, diligence and having a focused commitment are all key to successful manifesting. Many stop dreaming, wishing or creating when they hit a wall. Actually this is a time when many new answers, solutions and new directions reveal themselves – if we are open and listen.

So let’s get started. Answer the below questions and see how ready you are to manifest something great:

  • What is it that you want to create/manifest?
  • Are you ready to call this intention/manifestation in daily for 3 months? (In your prayers, verbally stating it in a ritual or any way that suits you).
  • Can you create small steps or actions to make it real?
  • When wobbly or in doubt- or strong and invigorated- can you stay diligent with endurance? (hint: there may be many tests along the way- stay strong the rewards may be huge)!
  • Check in regularly to see if you are truly committed…update the creation you envision as needed but stay true to its creation.
  • Do not be a lone cowgirl- get support. When we help each other much more gets created.
  • To regular and new readers:

You may remember when we were winding down 2016 together-and we started to look towards 2017? Many of us stated a clear doable intention for this year. Well we are now here…how is it going? I would love to hear. If you were not with us then – start now and let me know what yours is. I am happy to be your witness.


Maureen Simon

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I have been enjoying reading The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Howard Vernon. The book addresses so many real hard core issues that we humans are facing today and explains ways to understand challenge—move through it and ways to create really positive change within and through challenging situations. Challenge always presents us with opportunities- like it or not! Years back I remember hearing that in the Chinese language the words challenge and opportunity are the same symbol! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what challenges us day to day –hour to hour –that we lose our power over to the challenge. What if the challenge gives us the opportunity to experience and live our power?


The quote that I was touched by this morning when reading Vernon’s book was: “If you want opposite results from what you have been getting, take the opposite course-turn all demands inward. Demand your own power! Insist that your mind work for you, not against you. Demand that you stop being afraid. Command your habits be what you wish…”

I am getting very clear that only when we “demand our own power “-will we ever fully claim and live our life with this rich fuel that burns inside each of us. I am also very clear that we can only help and support others to the degree in which we truly understand ourselves and have claimed this rich personal power- which is unique to each and every one of us. When we gain our power and claim our power from life’s challenges we begin to live our life from a higher state. This self transformation does not need to be spoken about. It is felt by all in our lives…increased confidence and clarity are present in the way we connect with people. The light in us responds to the light in others.

·         What will it take for you to fully claim the precious power within you and to bring it alive in your life?

·         What will be better in your life when you do?

Go for it- the time is now for most every woman I am now meeting!

Maureen Simon

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Our world is consistently directing us to look forward– to look ahead in order to figure out what is next— and to stay ahead of the curve.  I must admit I do it myself.  And some of the work we do together here at TEF encourages you to look ahead and be conscious of next steps and new dreams. But I am learning that there’s a fine line and a fine balance that we need to create in the area of planning and  fulfilling our dreams as we enter this New Year—2012 and in responding and reacting to what we think the world needs from us.

Working diligently last year to create a company – the company of my dreams and to launch a book – the book of dreams –I learned a lot.  I learned that having goals and objectives (derived from within and created live… in the world) is essential.  I also learned that it can be very healthy to stretch ourselves to learn new things—things we may dread learning such as- in my case– technology –or for yourself … fill in the blank… (Name the area you are most stretched to learn that would actually benefit you J).I also learned that placing my heart and attention in a focused way to achieve a desired outcome is the way I get things get accomplished.

In 2012 I am committed to continue dreaming – and—creating. I am also committed to learn a whole new way to pace my day—to allow for spontaneity and structure to live side by side.  I am also committed to live each day and moment in the day and moment I am in not in the past or the future. This means I will be listening from with-in—being more spontaneous about time and allow for the interesting gifts that life presents us each day. I remember years back hearing the phrase “Be Here Now” and not fully understanding it. I believe I now truly understand.

As I said before-I believe that there’s a fine line and a fine balance in how we create and fulfill our dreams. My wish for you this New Year is that you will find the natural rhythm that allows to:

  • Know what is yours to create or contribute your precious life force to
  • Have the courage to live your dream
  • Find the balance and rhythm to live harmoniously honoring your needs and natural rhythm
  • And to live the life that you are here to live—fully and joyfully.

May 2012 be the year you truly shine!

Happy New Year!


Founder   and Creative Director
The   Essential Feminine™ Company
Author   “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power


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Masculine and feminine attributes have been bestowed on all of us no matter our gender.  However, our society has stereotyped us from childhood to express the patterns of behavior which we believe are identified with our gender. 

Using the masculine attributes as set out by Perry Nodelman’s Blog of May 24, 2009 “Conventional Attributes of Masculinity” we find six categories of attributes:

  • Phallic masculinity, demonstrated by dominance, power, authority, go-getting, etc.
  • Warrior masculinity; demonstrated by competitiveness, need to win, strong, silent, unemotional, self-control, invincibility
  • Self-sufficient masculinity; demonstrated by egocentricity, fear of entrapment, non-needy, non-nurturing
  • Group masculinity; demonstrated in male bonding, conformity to male group values, rigid. conservative, etc.
  • Structural/cultural masculinity; developed by the patriarchal,
  • Psychoanalytical masculinity; masculinity as tied up in relationships with father

With our society emphasizing these masculine attributes for many years it is no wonder we have created a patriarchal society based on power, control and the suppression of the feminine.  With the impetus of the civil rights movement and recognition of this imbalance, we saw the rise of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960’s and the 70’s..  An excellent start in creating the balance between the masculine and feminine we need today.

It is with this history in mind that we at The Essential Feminine™ Company believe that it is imperative that women understand and claim their feminine attributes and learn to use them to balance our world. 

Judie Fouchaux

Guest Blogger



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Influence is a state of being.  When we are living with our influence fully expressed doors open, life becomes easier and we make a difference.  Power and influence are all directly connected.  Power is the ability, strength, and capacity to do something.    Influence is the effect of something on a person, thing, or event or the power that somebody has to affect other people’s thinking or actions by means of argument, example, or force of personality.  When we believe we have the power to create change influence is a direct outcome. 

It’s important for us to understand what we value in order to make a decision on where we want to place our attention in the world.  Power is the energy behind influence and can be found in four specific realms:  the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional and the physical.  Have you ever thought about the source of your power?  Have you ever asked yourself where you place the majority of your power and influence?

Women have a great ability to influence the direction in which the world is moving but we must first understand our powerful and unique world view and value the strength and contribution of our voice.  Voice is the medium or expression for power and influence.  In my work with women, two of the greatest areas I have focused on over the years are clear expression of voice and the right use of will or influence.  We need clarity and confidence to express our values through our voice.

 Join us tomorrow to learn more about the influence you are making in the world today and about how success, influence and power play a major role in how you show up in the world.  To join us at this exciting Living Room, please register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/664137273

Maureen Simon

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What does life look and feel like when you are living with highly intentionally with focus and power?  Today we read so much about conscious living that the opportunity to look closely at these issues are readily available and provide us with insights that can totally change the quality of our lives.  The world has caught on to the idea that when we choose to live with clear intention and place our focus on this intention our sense of power and overall quality of life excel.

What are the aspects of intentional living that we need to incorporate into our lives or be aware of on a daily basis?  Intentional living begins with a connection to ourselves, our inner voice and our sense of knowing on a daily basis.  From this place of clarity and listening we begin to envision or become clear about what we want to create, be or contribute in a given day.  This leads to a sense of focus and intention that allows us to both measure consciously the things that make up our days and lives, as well as to make choices to refine and improve the way we live. 

We often get a feeling that we are living our lives aligned with the things we love or not.  We often get signs or hunches that lead us to information or help us clarify feelings.  These are gifts and guides that we need to listen to daily.  I suggest having time in the morning in quiet or in contemplation to review what the day could ideally hold. 

I have just started to look at some of the simple beginnings to creating a highly intentional, focused and powerful life.  So many different components including deep inner connection, a clear sense of how we want to live our life (in all areas), a clear sense of what power and contribution meant to us – as they serve as driving forces and give us motivation to design an amazing life. This month we are going to look more closely at highly intentional living as I believe that many of us are clear that this is the only way to live.  On September 22 at noon PST, we will be exploring this topic in The Essential Feminine™ Living Room and during the month of September we will be looking at the different components of an intentional life in our weekly blog.  Stay tuned and join us in the Living Room.  Please register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/861842960.

Maureen Simon  
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Many women are exploring ways to create more success in their lives. I think that’s great, but I think there’s more to life for women than just success. So often we have been putting on the trousers, climbing the ladder, and doing things in a masculine way in all areas of our life. The problem with this is that we inevitably leave an important part of our authentic self behind- our feminine self. It’s important to keep in mind that women are predisposed genetically and through socialization- to a whole series of unique assets talents and gifts that are special and sourced in our feminine nature.

How can we begin to use these feminine gifts in a way that allows us to contribute at a high level, fully expressing our power and doing so from a feminine perspective? The answer to this could lead you to one of the most freeing revelations of your life. Every woman has a personal response to this question in my twenty-five years of working with women I have heard hundreds. What’s yours? 

We must first begin, by valuing our unique feminine gifts such as our verbal agility, our ability to give care and compassion, our Natural gift to see and perceive the whole of a situation, work environment or even the whole needs of the world. I believe these gifts come from having been the givers of birth and life since the beginning of time. That’s quite a credential. We need to claim this and live it in our work in corporations in our voice and concern in politics and thorough our unique and gentle care of our children and the planet. Social researchers have put a price on the value that women add to the bottom line in corporations. It’s time for us to value these gifts in all areas of our life.

Maureen Simon  
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“ I had been raised to assume all power was outside myself, but they (men) had been raised to place power almost nowhere but within themselves.  Often, they were suffering, too.  Just as the fantasy of no control was the enemy of my self-esteem, the fantasy of total control was the enemy of theirs.  For both of us, the goal should have been a point of balance in between: a back-and-forth between the self and others, uniqueness and unity, the planned and the accidental, our internal selves and the universe.  As wise women and men in every culture tell us:  the art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.”

Gloria Steinem  “Revolution From Within”

When we think about our influence and our sense of self, the idea of power becomes a central theme.  Women have been a part of cultures that place power over her, as opposed to power with or next to her, for far too long.  We need to realize that only if we recognize and claim it will our personal power becomes truly enlivened in our lives.  This sense of strength manifests through our competence, our voice and our excitement towards living.  Use your past experiences to guide your strength going forward.  Never be victim to the challenging days that have passed but as Gloria says, use them to your benefit and advantage today. 

Maureen Simon



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