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After taking time off to regroup this past year I personally needed to check in with myself so I could kick start my life and evaluate what would be next for me. I would like to invite you to consider some of the questions I pondered when reflecting on what was next in my life:


  • Is there a place you lack courage when you think about living your dreams?
  • What stops you from moving forward?
  • Are you getting niggling ideas or thoughts that you are putting to the side- not paying attention to?
  • What risks do you need to take now to grow and to move towards your dreams?
  • How can you now manifest the things you visualize and dream?
  • Day by day what are the first steps you need to take?
  • Dreams are a way to call us forward to live more consciously.

Are you getting any of these signs? If So, Listen Up!

A niggling feeling that something is not right…that we are not fulfilled

 Experiencing a reoccurring sense that there is more to life than the way I am now living.

 Or are you receiving information telling you to move on or make a change now!

 Always listen to these cues because they provide invaluable information and opportunities to move you towards your greatest dreams. Do not be afraid. The rewards of living in alignment with why you are here can be unbeatable and can lead to a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment beyond description!

Maureen Simon

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It’s funny how life seems to give us the lessons we need at the exact right time.  The vision to start this company came to me seven years ago in the middle of the night.  Each night I received information that awoke me from my sleep and called me to the kitchen breakfast bar where I would walk in the dark rubbing my eyes.  Once I arrived I would turn the light on and begin to hand write many ideas and concepts which were always about women and our natural gifts but were often unrelated and unclear.  These late evenings provided the seeds for what has become  seven years of devoted focus on making sense of this information, researching related material on women’s attributes and gifts, writing a book and now launching The Essential Feminine® Company.

As I look back over these years, i’ve taken many, many risks including using credit that I never believed I would have ever touched and stretched myself in every possible way.  Something continued to guide me to create courses and materials and to bring women together who are interested in seeing women make a difference in the world.  Being a business consultant with an individual practice – supporting women to create self-defined successful lives from the inside out, I often advise clear strategies with risk analysis and well thought out  exit strategies when designing a business.  I truly believe that all of these components are important when designing a business.  However, I have come to learn that sometimes “She” guides us to take chances and risks that we would not normally take.  The Essential Feminine Company was a birth for me.  I have learned many lessons through her School of Hard Knocks.  Yes, looking back I would have done a few things differently.  And, yes, I would have changed a few of my approaches.   Now that the company is up and running, I remember words my father said to me, “I can see some of the hard knocks before you.  I wish I could point them out for you but I know you need to live them to learn from them.”

We learn our lessons in the way we are meant to.  The most important thing is to learn.

Maureen J. Simon
Founder and Creative Director
The Essential Feminine™ Company
“Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”

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