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Many of you may not be very familiar with who I am. My name is Shavonne Dorsey and I design beautiful dresses for the sophisticated, curvaceous woman. Did you know that 75% of American women are a size 14/16, but less than 20% of retailers cater to them?  I am proud to say that I am a part of  that 75%! After speaking with Maureen  Simon, founder of of the Essential Feminine Company, I was deeply impressed and moved about the initiatives she has taken to improve and enhance the lives of great women. I wanted to be apart of this movment and reached out to her, and now I’m reaching out to you. I wanted to share my experiences as a curvaceous designer and how it relates to the greatness of women everywhere.

As a curvaceous woman, at a size “Sweet 16”,  I meet a variety of women who are a lot like me. We are always looking for the statement piece or garment in our wardrobe to give us that extra appeal to keep us feeling special. Who Are We? We are curvaceous women, created to give life, to grow and nurture ourselves and others. We are achievers, motivators, entrepreneurs, inventors, strategists and leaders.  We are a daily celebration!  Our size is not relevant to who we are, but is relevant to what makes us uniquely beautiful. Our curves emphasize our innate ability to be  flexible yet strong enough to accomodate to what life brings our way.

Whether you consider your size as a challenge or a movement, I encourage you to dress  and present yourself the way you want people to recognize you. In my experiece as a designer, I find it ultimately amazing how several of my clients’ self esteem, mentality and even spirits have been clearly defined just by simply wearing the “right dress”.Who are we? We are jewels, we are valuable, we are unique, we are curvy women. The next time you shop for the garment of your choice, I encourage you to start the search from within to ensure that your garment  selection reflects the beauty inside of you!

Check back with us next month as we discuss more Inspiring Curvy Topics!

Keeping  it  Curvy,

Shavonne Dorsey


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