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Our world is consistently directing us to look forward– to look ahead in order to figure out what is next— and to stay ahead of the curve.  I must admit I do it myself.  And some of the work we do together here at TEF encourages you to look ahead and be conscious of next steps and new dreams. But I am learning that there’s a fine line and a fine balance that we need to create in the area of planning and  fulfilling our dreams as we enter this New Year—2012 and in responding and reacting to what we think the world needs from us.

Working diligently last year to create a company – the company of my dreams and to launch a book – the book of dreams –I learned a lot.  I learned that having goals and objectives (derived from within and created live… in the world) is essential.  I also learned that it can be very healthy to stretch ourselves to learn new things—things we may dread learning such as- in my case– technology –or for yourself … fill in the blank… (Name the area you are most stretched to learn that would actually benefit you J).I also learned that placing my heart and attention in a focused way to achieve a desired outcome is the way I get things get accomplished.

In 2012 I am committed to continue dreaming – and—creating. I am also committed to learn a whole new way to pace my day—to allow for spontaneity and structure to live side by side.  I am also committed to live each day and moment in the day and moment I am in not in the past or the future. This means I will be listening from with-in—being more spontaneous about time and allow for the interesting gifts that life presents us each day. I remember years back hearing the phrase “Be Here Now” and not fully understanding it. I believe I now truly understand.

As I said before-I believe that there’s a fine line and a fine balance in how we create and fulfill our dreams. My wish for you this New Year is that you will find the natural rhythm that allows to:

  • Know what is yours to create or contribute your precious life force to
  • Have the courage to live your dream
  • Find the balance and rhythm to live harmoniously honoring your needs and natural rhythm
  • And to live the life that you are here to live—fully and joyfully.

May 2012 be the year you truly shine!

Happy New Year!


Founder   and Creative Director
The   Essential Feminine™ Company
Author   “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power


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This year has been probably my most fortunate year in many ways and in other ways my most challenging.  I have learned much and truly look forward to 2012 and to bringing the many lessons forward with me. During the holidays always take inventory of where I have been and where I intend to go …this year I will end the year with this contemplation and I encourage you to do the same. I truly believe that in contemplation and renewal —is born.

I have also this year been fortunate to speak meet and or work directly with 1000’s of women through launching the book and holding courses and Essential Feminine Living Rooms– year round. I have really had a chance to hear and most deeply understand what we as women need and desire most right now—and that is peace of mind—happiness from the inside out—success that we define based on what we most value – greater financial security and more time for ourselves– family and friends. I encourage us all to stop and build what you need more of into your life for this is the only way change can occur. Things are going at nana speed. Take time to listen and prioritize.

Many families are challenged and many are excited to move into 2012 bringing rich lessons and new ideas. I personally believe that we as a planet are at an important crossroads. I believe that significant conscious change is what is needed by each one of us to create the equilibrium among gender, race and economic status. Our planet is crying for us to wake up and to protect her environs as she is our life source. Opportunities abound for those ready to take the New Year and live it in a new far more conscious way.       

As we move into 2012 much of our focus will be on meeting specific needs that women have expressed through our new course —Live Your Calling ~ Express Your Power; A personal success Course for Women”.

We hope to see you even more in 2012.

May 2012 bring you cheer peace of mind and great happiness.

Warmly and with wishers for great cheer


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