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“…the future is not fixed.  The other side of the bridge to the future is not an objective, predetermined, static destination.  In reality, it is a moveable object, a set of probabilities, and most important, a karmic consequence of the lives we lived yesterday and the lives we live today.

The bridge to the future is a bridge that moves – and the land to which it is connected moves as well – according to how we walk across the bridge and who we are while we are walking.”

— Marianne Williamson, Editor “Imagine”

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We are the bridge to our futures.  In the lives we live, in the individual choices we make.  We can live in fear of life enhanced by the news media’s gloom and doom reports or we can take small positive steps across the bridge towards a better future.  The choices that we make are very personal and individual.  However, each choice creates the pattern for the life that we live.  Each choice is reflected in the previous choice and the choice to come.

Look backwards to yesterday.  What choices are you living that are the consequences of the past? 


Look forward to tomorrow.  What choices do you want to make today that will ripple through and effect your tomorrow?



Maureen Simon

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You are a human magnet and you are constantly attracting to you people whose characters harmonize with your own.” – Napoleon Hill

Empowered, successful, alive women create their lives from their imagination. They attract the exact right people and the exact right experiences at the right time.  As we women move into positions of greater success and influence we learn that within our imagination we hold the power to recreate our lives and manifest far more than we believe– on a day-to-day basis. The art of manifesting success includes one’s ability to clearly define a desired outcome or way of being and to believe and work towards this way of being and living daily.  Setting clear intention(s) is the first step in designing the life that you desire.

(A group of us are coming together to do an intentional setting Master Mind February 27 through March 20th –take a look and join us if this appeals to you) Find out more about my Mini Mastermind here!

Never be afraid to think big and design your new reality to include things that both feel good and provide you with opportunities for growth.  It is time for us women to live and lead lives that are creative and hold influence and success. We often beaver away in our own world, viewing life through a small and limited lens.  Now’s the time to expand our visions and to begin to see the world in a whole new way! Ready?

Join me for our new Mini Master Mind on February 27th.

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 solstice - te meme

The winter solstice carries deep meaning in the Celtic tradition.  It is a time when we turn inward away from the world.  In the quiet, we have an opportunity to contemplate, be more aware of our dreams and visions.  During the winter solstice, the rain or snow is often heavy.  This intensity symbolizes a deep clearing.  In the Celtic tradition, this time of year is also associated with rebirth, the dying of the old and the making way for the new.

  • Where in your life are you experiencing a deadness or stuckness that you are now willing to release?
  • Are you allowing enough down time and quiet in your life to allow for contemplation and inward reflection?
  • What barriers are you willing to take down, where are you willing to open your thinking?  Where are you willing to expand in your life at this time?

Maureen Simon

Please share your answers or join The Essential Feminine Community on Facebook and share your thoughts there.

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Uncertainty serves as one of our greatest teachers.  When we see it as an opportunity to regroup.  In a world that moves fast and places great pressure on us, we tend to need to know, to control.  Control and knowing serve as crutches or security in a world where we really truly know very little and need to be prepared to live from a place of unknowing.

Are you willing to consider looking at uncertainty in a new way?  Could you see it as a friend, an ally – and opportunity?

The opportunities that can be found in trusting what is uncertain are vast.  Try to include some new thinking around uncertainty and use these keys to guide you:

  • What uncertainty are you faced with now?
  • What is the message or teaching that the uncertainty presenting to you?
  • Where could you apply greater trust?
  • What would be the next right action?

Again, I truly believe that uncertainty is an ally and a great teacher – nothing to fear. ~ Maureen Simon


Maureen is founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. The company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. TEF believes that it is now time for women step forward and makes a major contribution in the world. Maureen’s experience with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world to create successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. As a social alchemist she addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. Her work as a pioneering consultant supports women to reduce economic stress, open new channels for their personal and business expression and enhances their ability to access the deeper powers and gifts that each woman holds within their feminine essence. As a highly intuitive business and life designer, Maureen incorporates principles of mysticism, alchemy and social entrepreneurism to achieve focused outcomes and results. Join Maureen on Facebook and Twitter.

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How do you define prosperity?

So many of us- have been socialized- to view prosperity from the lens of finance and hard core money.  Even the dictionary mentions the financial respects of prosperity as being key when it defines prosperity as:

“A successful, flourishing or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune”.

In launching The Essential Feminine Company I have learned so much about prosperity that I have made it a personal focus in my live and one that I will be sharing with women in our community in the months to come. For me prosperity– true prosperity becomes available to us fully in life when our material wealth is derived from a deep inner knowing of ourselves Then it can be created and re-created in all areas of our lives…for the rest of our lives. Prosperity can include financial abundance and yet it is not limited to financial abundance.

Here is a prosperity formula for you to think about- food for thought that has recently served as the base of my personal inner work and with some of the work I have been doing with my clients—

When you line up-in your life:

 – Your talents and gifts with what you enjoy and love to do and then …

–  Tune in to what contribution you are here to make (or connect more with your life’s destiny) then…

– You build a life where prosperity will thrive and your harvest will be rich!

In the next few months I am excited to share my experiences in growing The Essential Feminine and my new awareness’s about prosperity and how you can claim it in your life. Stay tuned for more!!

Happy autumn!

Maureen Simon

Please do leave me a comment. Share your views on prosperity & feel free to come on over and join me on Facebook!

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Why? Many of us fear the dark- the dark of night – the dark experiences that life presents us with.

Fear not- for the darkness provides us with the well needed contrast which allows us to fully experience light. Each experience that we have that feels dark– carries with it in the lessons and opportunities that it leads us to -the light This season  is full of short days and if we allow darkness  to inform us – it will be a great teacher and friend. Do take time to go with in and explore the places, feelings and thoughts within you that you normally would not go because of a lack of time or stillness. Find time to be still and listen from with in..

To be clear and conscious in our businesses we must be clear about the richer deeper meaning of our life. We can clearly hear messages and experience thoughts and divinations when we make time to listen.  Notice in the quiet of these dark days what comes to mind. You may get feelings and guidance that will reveal the deeper meaning of your existence here. Look for the deeper meaning of your life in the quiet. Notice what most excites you and where you are drawn. When you live and express the deeper meaning of your life each day in the work or service we offer we simply are living consciously.

Enjoy the special and sacred season.                                                                              May good things come your way.                                                                                 Warmly, Maureen


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Many of you may not be very familiar with who I am. My name is Shavonne Dorsey and I design beautiful dresses for the sophisticated, curvaceous woman. Did you know that 75% of American women are a size 14/16, but less than 20% of retailers cater to them?  I am proud to say that I am a part of  that 75%! After speaking with Maureen  Simon, founder of of the Essential Feminine Company, I was deeply impressed and moved about the initiatives she has taken to improve and enhance the lives of great women. I wanted to be apart of this movment and reached out to her, and now I’m reaching out to you. I wanted to share my experiences as a curvaceous designer and how it relates to the greatness of women everywhere.

As a curvaceous woman, at a size “Sweet 16”,  I meet a variety of women who are a lot like me. We are always looking for the statement piece or garment in our wardrobe to give us that extra appeal to keep us feeling special. Who Are We? We are curvaceous women, created to give life, to grow and nurture ourselves and others. We are achievers, motivators, entrepreneurs, inventors, strategists and leaders.  We are a daily celebration!  Our size is not relevant to who we are, but is relevant to what makes us uniquely beautiful. Our curves emphasize our innate ability to be  flexible yet strong enough to accomodate to what life brings our way.

Whether you consider your size as a challenge or a movement, I encourage you to dress  and present yourself the way you want people to recognize you. In my experiece as a designer, I find it ultimately amazing how several of my clients’ self esteem, mentality and even spirits have been clearly defined just by simply wearing the “right dress”.Who are we? We are jewels, we are valuable, we are unique, we are curvy women. The next time you shop for the garment of your choice, I encourage you to start the search from within to ensure that your garment  selection reflects the beauty inside of you!

Check back with us next month as we discuss more Inspiring Curvy Topics!

Keeping  it  Curvy,

Shavonne Dorsey


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This time of year we have clear signs that the year is rising from the enclosing darkness of winter into the light of a great day.  It is the time of the vernal equinox, when the sun is midway between winter and summer.  We see new growth abounding around us encouraging us to new beginnings. 

As the earth makes these changes, growing and coming alive, it is a perfect time for us to follow suit.  Consider your life.  What would you most desire to change in your life?  That first step of knowing what you want to change is probably the easiest step to take.  Creating a plan to achieve your goal and acting on the plan will take courage.  It’s like jumping off a cliff and not knowing where you’ll land.  However, not making change, not growing, exacts a price, for change is an inevitable, natural process.  When we choose not to grow and change, we are choosing a slow death.

Here are two quotes which I hope will inspire you to take the leap.  The first is from John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong. “Either we are in the universe to inhabit the lovely eternity of our souls and grow real,  or else we might as well dedicate our days to shopping and kill time watching talk shows.”  

The second is from Kobi Yamada, “Dare: Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

Next week, March 24, 2010, at noon Pacific Time, we are opening The Essential Feminine Company™ “Living Room” for an hour’s conversation on change.  Use this opportunity to take guided steps towards living the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Are you ready? Come join us by registering at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/448858688   

The Challenge and Opportunity is Yours!

Maureen Simon  
Join our Facebook Group ” Women Influencing Now”

P.S. After the initial theme has been presented we will be opening the lines for announcements, wishes, desires, and general networking. Please contact us at info@theessentialfeminine.com if you have something you would like to share during the second half hour.  We need at least forty-eight hours prior to each Living Room event for your comment or need to be considered.

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