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Hello girlfriends – When I listen to my inner self, I find the answers I need. They may not always be the answers I want, though.

How many of us truly stay true to our own instincts?  I find myself starting to doubt my instincts at times.  My heart tells me one thing, and my mind goes in another direction.  The majority of the time, when I don’t go with my heart, I find myself not going in the right direction.  I often wonder and ask myself, “Why didn’t I follow my heart on this?”  My best advice to you is follow your heart — follow your instincts.

Why do we doubt our instincts?  Could fear be involved here?  Could it be, not trusting yourself enough to know that your heart won’t mislead you?  At times, we think things through too much and we don’t give our instincts any consideration.  The way to start trusting your instincts is to put them to the test. Next time your instincts tell you this is what you should be doing — follow them — DO IT!

I will share a story with you — years ago, I woke up from a dream and in this dream, an ex-employer/friend is about to commit suicide.  Now, I had lost contact with this person, but as I was awoken by this dream, I listened to my heart and instincts, which told me to find him.  I set out that day to find this man. Long story short — I ended up calling his dad in another state and he alerted me that he has been quite concerned for his son.  He graciously thanked me for reaching out.  He gave me his home address, and after my all day search, I had an address now.  I went to his home and when I knocked at his door — he answered and looked confused — unshaven, listless, and almost hopeless.  He asked what I was doing there, and I advised him of my dream.  He invited me in and he told me that he was contemplating the ending of his life.  In the weeks to come, he got out of his slump by moving back to where his parents and family lived.  He moved back in with his parents and in that first month, his father passed away. You see if that morning, I would have talked myself out of going to find him, I’m not quite sure what the outcome would have been.  For now, I am happy I followed what I believed.

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!

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