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The winter solstice carries deep meaning in the Celtic tradition.  It is a time when we turn inward away from the world.  In the quiet, we have an opportunity to contemplate, be more aware of our dreams and visions.  During the winter solstice, the rain or snow is often heavy.  This intensity symbolizes a deep clearing.  In the Celtic tradition, this time of year is also associated with rebirth, the dying of the old and the making way for the new.

  • Where in your life are you experiencing a deadness or stuckness that you are now willing to release?
  • Are you allowing enough down time and quiet in your life to allow for contemplation and inward reflection?
  • What barriers are you willing to take down, where are you willing to open your thinking?  Where are you willing to expand in your life at this time?

Maureen Simon

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Rudolph Steiner has give us reason to look closely at where we are in  this sacred solstice week. His poem is precious to me . Enjoy. ~ Maureen

solstice 1

Winter Solstice

Behold the Sun
At midnight.
Build with stones
On lifeless ground.

Find in decline,
In death’s night,
Creation’s new beginning,
Morning’s youthful might.

The heights reveal
The god’s eternal word.
The depths guard
The peaceful treasure.

Living in darkness,
Create a Sun.
Weaving in matter
Know spirit’s delight.

Rudolf Steiner

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With all of life there is joy and sadness- often living side by side. One of our main team members here at the Essential Feminine Company had this light and dark experience this week. Judie Fouchaux has been a pillar in our company  and she is experiencing a major hassle in the middle of  the holiday season.  (Read her poem below—it is wonderful!).

One thing I know about Judie is that she is a rock and a pillar and will always make full use of where light and dark meet. We should all do the same ….Read her poem –written in the midst of her home being flooded this week.

Happy Holidays and that you Judie for being you and for all you do.

Maureen Simon


As we approach the Winter Solstice –a true time of winter reflection we have a chance to notice the light and dark in our lives.

The Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas with much to be done

There’s cooking and baking and oh so much fun.

There’s work as well so early I go

Out into the day but not into snow.

And then work comes to an end and I’m headed home

Where for an hour or so I’ll be alone.

Time to bake cookies just one little batch

So I rush to the door and turn open the latch.

But what do I hear as I open the door –

The sound of a loud “Plunk” followed by more.

I rush to the kitchen and look in the sink

But it’s not the faucet left on as I think

It comes from the ceiling and what’s more

There’s an inch of water all over the floor.

I rush to the stairs and up them I dash

Race through the bedroom to bath – splish, splash.

I turn off the faucet and pick up the rugs

Full of water they’re thrown in the tub.

Throw down more towels so sop up the mess

Get on the phone and call Dann in duress.

Down to the kitchen to open deck door,

Frantically sweeping the tide from the floor.

Dann arrives and asks what to do.

I tell him call Eliot to get us out of this stew.

Call him he does and then Eliot comes

Shortly thereafter the whole house hums.

Fire in the fireplace, heaters galore

Blowers and suckers all over the floor.

Four hours later the best has been done

When we dry out we’ll get back to the fun.

J C Fouchaux

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