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The Complimentary Essential Feminine Living Room is a global networking community that meets virtually on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Topics that address women’s pertinent needs in business and life are covered monthly. Women from all over the world exchange ideas and support. In the Living Room, mysteries unfold, profound learning occurs. You never know who you will meet and where the journey will take you. Join Maureen Simon and Gina Liberman as they explore gratitude the essential key to success.

The fabulous Gina Liberman will be joining me as my co-host. Gina has been involved with The Essential Feminine Company for years and has fabulous ideas and suggestions to share on the topic as she consults with women worldwide.  ~ Maureen Simon

Join Maureen and Gina Wednesday August 15 at 12 p.m. PST.

Register today! https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/432502801

Gina Liberman, M.A. integrates her love for the arts and humanities into a unique consultation, providing intuitive counseling, lifestyle coaching and inspired business development consulting to a diverse international clientele.   She received her graduate training in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and has lived and studied in Africa and Australia as a performing artist, writer, counselor and consultant.  She currently resides in South Florida. For more information or to schedule a phone consult, please call (415) 432-2050 or email ginaliberman@earthlink.net.

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Walk Your Talk Private Sessions
Make your dream real… apply for private sessions with Maureen….

Have you been hearing yourself speak about something you would like to manifest in your life but can’t seem to get beyond the words? 

These sessions are for YOU! Short- high impact – clarifying with an opportunity for you to move past your own words to DREAM Manifestation!
I am interested in hearing about your dream… you know the niggling idea that keeps popping up and won’t go away. I want to specifically support 3 women who are really ready to Walk Their Talk! Let me know now if you want one of the three seats…
Here is how it works….In late June I will work for three months (two sessions per month) with three women who are ready to create something that they really want to create. By fall the intention is that you will no longer just be talking your dream but you will be taking tangible steps towards walking your dream…To apply for private sessions email me by June 25 with the following:
• Your dream in one paragraph
• How far you have gotten in previous days towards manifesting it
• Two show stoppers ( blocks)
• Why you know you can manifest the dream

Sessions will be way below the normal consulting rate – $500 per month.



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Women are predisposed to powerful feminine gifts by the very nature of our birth, biology, and socialization. We are now poised in a perfect position to bring the pendulum back to center, where the masculine and feminine can live side by side in new ways. It is now time for women to take the lead, but to do so, we must fully understand, claim, and embody these powerful attributes.

The Essential Feminine Facilitator Training

In this one-month training, you will learn how to recognize and activate these attributes in yourself and others-empowering each of us to make the difference the world is waiting for us to make.

The information in this training will transform not only your own life but will allow you to lead Essential Feminine Circles™ that will transform the lives of countless other women as well. The course will prepare you to facilitate a 9-week process based on the book Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power.
Upon registration: You will receive Maureen’s book, Awakening the Essential Feminine.

The Format: Weekly 90-minute interactive tele-classes led by Maureen Simon-along with fabulous women from around the globe…
Week 1: Enlivening the World through Feminine Expression
Week 2: Igniting the Creative, Verbal and Imaginative Side of the Feminine
Week 3: Aligning Power, Intuition and Beauty from the Feminine Perspective
Week 4: Putting it all together-just before going live

Special Note: This training is ideal for all women, including consultants, therapists, teachers, workshop leaders, entrepreneurs, and other women who want to incorporate The Essential Feminine principles into their work in the world.

A certificate will be provided upon completion of the four-week training. Do you want to learn and then share with other women — powerful knowledge — that will enrich your life and the lives of many other women? http://theessentialfeminine.com/shop#facilitator

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Many of you may not be very familiar with who I am. My name is Shavonne Dorsey and I design beautiful dresses for the sophisticated, curvaceous woman. Did you know that 75% of American women are a size 14/16, but less than 20% of retailers cater to them?  I am proud to say that I am a part of  that 75%! After speaking with Maureen  Simon, founder of of the Essential Feminine Company, I was deeply impressed and moved about the initiatives she has taken to improve and enhance the lives of great women. I wanted to be apart of this movment and reached out to her, and now I’m reaching out to you. I wanted to share my experiences as a curvaceous designer and how it relates to the greatness of women everywhere.

As a curvaceous woman, at a size “Sweet 16”,  I meet a variety of women who are a lot like me. We are always looking for the statement piece or garment in our wardrobe to give us that extra appeal to keep us feeling special. Who Are We? We are curvaceous women, created to give life, to grow and nurture ourselves and others. We are achievers, motivators, entrepreneurs, inventors, strategists and leaders.  We are a daily celebration!  Our size is not relevant to who we are, but is relevant to what makes us uniquely beautiful. Our curves emphasize our innate ability to be  flexible yet strong enough to accomodate to what life brings our way.

Whether you consider your size as a challenge or a movement, I encourage you to dress  and present yourself the way you want people to recognize you. In my experiece as a designer, I find it ultimately amazing how several of my clients’ self esteem, mentality and even spirits have been clearly defined just by simply wearing the “right dress”.Who are we? We are jewels, we are valuable, we are unique, we are curvy women. The next time you shop for the garment of your choice, I encourage you to start the search from within to ensure that your garment  selection reflects the beauty inside of you!

Check back with us next month as we discuss more Inspiring Curvy Topics!

Keeping  it  Curvy,

Shavonne Dorsey


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Divine Destiny


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Spring Gem Download from The Essential Feminine Company

After  many conversations with women –to get a better sense for what most of us need most today to be fulfilled, to contribute, to shine and  to make a difference in this world ( which women really love to do)……it has become very clear to us that:

  •  We all have a very special reason that we are here in this world
  •  When we know this reason and incorporate it into our every day—our life comes alive and we contribute at a much higher level and are much happier doing so.
  • We  also become more excited about our life because it –all of a sudden has   a deeper meaning
  •  We can measure our day and life against something greater than us and OUR needs (narcissism is becoming passé).
  • Life becomes VERY interesting.

In the research for the book the ability for women to make a meaningful contribution to the world she lives in showed up consistently as  a high value for women. When we are giving, caring and overlooking the needs of “the whole”- all- we are most happy.

For these reasons we have designed our new tele- course Divine Destiny– Live Your Calling:  Come Alive! We have created a very simple 2 session process to guide you to really know why you are here and how to really start living and contributing NOW. The world really needs you!

Join us in this 2-week telecourse to:

  • Gain skills to identify the greatest meaning of your life and start to make it a priority to fully live every day.
  • Discover how to claim and live your life with your greatest gifts and talents at the forefront of each day.
  • Learn how to co-create and design a business or career that allows you to express these higher gifts.
  • Have an opportunity to walk away with a clearer vision and the excitement to fully create this vision now.

 Join us for our next tele course which will be held May 10th and 17th. Noon  PST.

Save your seat now while we still have availability.


Maureen Simon
Founder and Creative Director
The Essential Feminine™   Company
Author “Awakening The Essential   Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power

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(designed specifically to support you to live your calling and express your power in 2012)Design for the Stocletfries - Tree of life Deu...

 Women are telling us that they need laser, concise, meaningful support right now. Many are crying for greater clarity in shaping or redesigning their business and lives. Collectively we are at a major crossroads and what once was important– no longer is. This is one of the most challenging times on our planet. Priorities are changing for those that are awake and brave enough to look closely at life. For this reason we are offering a short powerful course (with very special private sessions available) to provide you with the support you need right now.

Here’s what we will do in our work together –

  • Move  you from past blocks and inhibitors toward clarity and excitement about your life.
  • Define  what deep true happiness and success mean for you NOW in all areas of your life.
  • Design specific ways for you to build financial success that stems from happiness and satisfaction
  • Support  you in putting all this together in the creation of desired life and business though our Woman’s success Blue Print.

Design your custom program based on your personal needs by choosing the course and or the course supported with private sessions:

Offer 1:

Divine Destiny: Live Your Calling, Come Alive

Format: two sessions to be held via telephone bridge line from the United States

When: April 12 and 19, 2012 at 12 p.m. PST

Price: $199

Offer 2:

Laser Solution Sessions

If you find yourself feeling any of the following feelings, you will benefit from this program:

  • are      in transition
  • women      unsettled needing clarification
  • women      with challenges
  • women      with a next career move to make
  • women      wanting to take their life to a whole new level
  • women      desiring to take next steps and to set new priorities, and
  • women      ready to make a difference, a legacy.

Format: Individual sessions to Support you as you design your new life and calling

(Prices below apply when purchased in conjunction with the Live Your Calling ~ Express Your Power: A Personal Success Course For Women)

Price: 1 session: $250

Price: 2 sessions: $450

Price:3 sessions: $650

Maureen   Simon
Founder   and Creative Director
The   Essential Feminine™ Company
Author   “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influencial Power

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Fully Showing up in your Business or Work – Keys to Optimum Success by Maureen Simon – founder of The Essential Feminine Company and mentor to hundreds of businesswomen for over 25 years.

Join us for a Webinar on March 28

Register Now  It’s Free.

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Studies show that 67% of women are not satisfied in their work or with their businesses…

Why — because they are not fully showing up with what they have to offer or are doing work that they truly do not enjoy….

Talent.me and The Essential Feminine ® Company bring you a powerful webinar to learn:

  • -How to identify and grow your greatest gifts and talents
  • -How to clearly identify what is stopping you
  • -How to put your talents and strengths to best use
Title:  Fully Showing up in your Business or Work – Keys to Optimum Success
Date:  Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Time:  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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I was rereading a blog that one of our most prolific bloggers Judie Fouchaux did a while back and was inspired by it. I guess because I have myself fully re-submerged myself in my own– Awakening the Essential Feminine Claiming your Influential Power. I have just completed designing our new course –The Essential Feminine Facilitator Training-      http://theessentialfeminine.com/events. I am so excited as the course has within it –the very ability to transform the world as we know it today!

The facilitator Training is designed for therapists, counselor’s doctors and women who serve women and for women who want to create circles where women can learn about specific assets that we naturally have — that are very much needed in our world. Join us for a four week certified training beginning on March 15th…. You may never see the world in the same way again!

Judie blog that I mentioned – quite inspiring!:

Often we live our lives busy with the details and overlooking the big picture.  We are making things happen, taking care of business, ourselves, our families.  We overlook some things in favor of what appears the next necessary thing to do.  In this way, important parts of us can fall asleep or can hide rather like dust bunnies in the corners of our nature.  These are the parts of ourselves that Maureen Simon addresses in her new book “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power.”

Impossible!  Not so.  As bright young women fairly sure of ourselves we move out into a world which is dominated by a masculine mind set.  Sometimes we are actually told, “You don’t think the way I do, with the implication that the way “I do” is the superior way to think.  After all it is “logical”.  Looking around at society it does seem to be the preferred way of thinking.  With that influence around us, it is no wonder that we have devalued our gifts, our natural way of being in the world to take on a costume that all too soon becomes our reality.

However, by going in that direction, we are leaving behind valuable gifts that were meant to be a balance in the world, a balance we need now more than ever.   As Maureen points out, these gifts were given to us in greater proportion as women.  They are as important to our being women as the other attributes that differentiate us from men.  They include our way of thinking.

Women’s thinking is naturally collaborative, inclusive, interconnected, intuitive, empathetic, and flexible.  Her brain makes it so.  When Professor Higgins asks, “Why can’t women think like a man?” he overlooks a basic fact.  They weren’t meant to think like men.  We were meant to think like women and bring balance and harmony in the world.

Now with the world in such chaos it is time to awaken our dormant attributes.   By awakening The Essential Feminine within we can begin Claiming Our Influential Power.

Judie Fouchaux

The book is available at:  http://www.amazon.com/Awakening-Essential-Feminine-Claiming-Influential/dp/0615413005

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I wanted to fill you in on something special that I have just completed designing —The Essential Feminine Facilitator Training Certification Course.  The course is a 4 week journey to give women the tools needed to claim their Essential Feminine Attributes and Gifts and to teach other women to do the same! Our premier course which begins March 15 and runs 4 consecutive Thursdays at noon PST for 1 ½ hours each week—concluding on April 5th.

(http://theessentialfeminine.com/events   –read about the course on the bottom of this page).

As of today we have a couple of seats left –so if you are interested I would register right away. http://theessentialfeminine.com/events

I have designed the course to provide coaches and practitioners, therapists, doctors and other women who support women –to have the knowledge and wisdom to teach Essential Feminine Attributes alongside the other tools and skills in their tool kit. We will also be learning how to create powerful circled that integrate the attributes and material in the course.

The course has within it—the ability to change the world as we know it because when women learn—claim—and live with these attributes alive every day the world will be a very special place. This is the first time—offered and the first time ever that the attributes have been taught in one place. We look forward to seing the attributes alive around the world – being fully lived……

Join us in the early days of this ground breaking venture.

See you at the training—we hope.




Maureen Simon

Founder and Creative Director

The Essential Feminine

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Over the holidays and into the New Year I have been enjoying reading The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Howard Vernon. The book addresses so many real hard core issues that we humans are facing today and explains ways to understand challenge—move through it and ways to create really positive change  within and through challenging situations. Challenge always presents us with opportunities- like it or not! Years back I remember hearing that in the Chinese language the words challenge and opportunity are the same symbol! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what challenges us day to day –hour to hour –that we lose our power over to the challenge. What if the challenge gives us the opportunity to experience and live our power?

The quote that I was touched by this morning when reading Vernon’s book was: “If you want opposite results from what you have been getting, take the opposite course-turn all demands inward. Demand your own power! Insist that your mind work for you, not against you. Demand that you stop being afraid. Command your habits be what you wish…”

I am getting very clear that only when we “demand our own power “-will we ever fully claim and live our life with  this rich fuel that burns inside each of us. I am also very clear that we can only help and support others to the degree in which we truly understand ourselves and have claimed this rich personal power- which is unique to each and every one of us. When we gain our power and claim our power from life’s challenges we begin to live our life from a higher state. This self transformation does not need to be spoken about. It is felt by all in our lives..increased confidence and clarity are present in the way we connect with people. The light in us responds to the light in others.

  • What will it take for you to fully claim the precious power within you and to bring it alive in your life?
  • What will be better in your life when you do?

Go for it- the time is now for most every woman I am now meeting!


Maureen Simon

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