Stretching Our Minds

Stretching Our Minds

“A mind once stretched by a great idea or new understanding will never fully return to its original dimensions.”

William James









Life is always in motion.  You can never really go back.  Great ideas provide us with the inspiration and innovation that change and add to the quality of our lives.  Stretch your mind today.  Think of a new idea or a new way of doing something.  Notice how this slight change provides a new ripple across your life and affects many other things.
Maureen Simon


Divine Destiny? – What’s Yours?

After  many conversations with women — to get a better sense for what most of us need most today to be fulfilled, to contribute, to shine and  to make a difference in this world (which women really love to do)…it has become very clear to us that:

  • We all have a very special reason that we are here in this world
  • When we know this reason and incorporate it into our every day — our life comes alive and we contribute at a much higher level and are much happier doing so.
  • We  also become more excited about our life because it — all of a sudden has   a deeper meaning
  • We can measure our day and life against something greater than us and OUR needs (narcissism is becoming passé).
  • Life becomes VERY interesting.

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In the research for the book the ability for women to make a meaningful contribution to the world she lives in showed up consistently — as a high value for women. When we are giving, caring and overlooking the needs of “the whole”- all- we are most happy.

What is your Divine Destiny?

Happy Autumn!

Maureen Simon

Contemplation, Meditation and Inner Reflection ~ Our True Guides in a Fast Paced World?

 These past two years have been very active for me and in retrospect I have been looking at the  inner lifestyle supports that I have turned to that have helped  me to create and live so many  of my dreams as I have been designing and co-creating The Essential Feminine Company. (www.TheEssentialFeminine.com).

I have had to find ways to stay grounded and open to innovation, peace and the quality of good living that I so value. I have turned to Transcendental Meditation for over twenty years and suggest it as a way to gain deep inner peace. I have also suggested a nice meditation/ refection for any day you need to center yourself.

After two very fast paced years I must now in retrospect acknowledge that my time spent in the quiet mornings in contemplation, meditation and inner reflection have not only been my life savers for creating inner peace but my well spring for creative ideas. This reflective time has been the place where I receive powerful ideas and guidance that leads to inspiration.



Contemplation, meditation and inner reflection have actually become essential to me daily as I have been stopping and listening most mornings in quiet- to hear what is most important and what signs thoughts or repeated patterns are occurring.  I now realize how this guidance and information would go right by me if I did not stop to listen and assimilate. I can now see what a huge price we pay in this world when this time is not taken – for each of us personally and for us collectively on the planet. Taking time to relax and listen- I believe—is where we gain and access so much rich knowledge and wisdom. Imagine if everyone stopped and listened each day! I wonder how our world would be different.

In the past five years-I have noticed how evolved we have become in the areas of thinking and analyzing – as we live in the fast paced information age. Our minds have adapted to these great skills as a way of receiving information for the guidance we turn to make so many of the decisions in our daily lives. But these are only part of the tools and resources we need to be referencing if we desire to live the amazing, intuitive and guided lives that I believe we are meant to live.

So how do we turn from relying often solely on our minds to now incorporate other essential informers? Try a few out in your early morning and throughout the day. Here are some of my daily friendly reliables:

  • In the morning create a peaceful place to sit – contemplate – gather yourself – a place to – be present.
  • Build time into the morning to sit still – learn a practice to support you. (I find Andrew Harvey’s Book “The Direct Path” a fountain of inspiration and resources for stilling the mind and looking more reflectively at life).
  • Sit
  • Breath
  • Contemplate
  • Make time to include some contact with nature each day.
  • Experience the light, joy and peace throughout the day – some days we actually have to keep an eye out for it!
  • Notice when you are rushing… breath – slow down in that very moment.
  • Value the time you make for you – as a precious gift to and for yourself!
  • Be conscious of how you best create quiet in your life – Go with what works and do more of it!
  • Clarity – notice if things are clearer in your life. Are you seeing things differently? Getting more information?

Please do share with me any changes that you may be experiencing in your life. Just two days of being “tuned in “should yield results!


Maureen Simon












There is Harmony In Autumn. Can You Feel It?

“There is a harmony
In autumn, and a luster in its sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be, as if it had not been!”
– Percy Bysshe Shelley

Autumn for me is delicious–rustling leaves—extreme colors—crisp air –new apples and sweaters. The season arouses many senses and provides me-year after year- with an opportunity to start anew—to come alive –to re-ignite my life. I am so grateful for this time of year. Autumn for many marks a new beginning. Activities rekindle while the day darkens and shortens. This is a wonderful time of year to regroup as we sit three quarters the way through the year. Ask yourself what has your live experiences been so far this year? Could you consciously make change now that would improve your life? What does this change look like?

The autumn has an inner and outer perspective –we need to honor both. As new things ignite—classes, meetings and the like –we can enjoy this newness of the outer side of autumn. Also remember to look inward –read, contemplate have long restful baths- take time to feed your soul.

Autumn is delicious.  George Elliot agrees in his comment:

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns”.


Happy autumn!

Maureen Simon













Do you ever feel like you need to slow down and answer this question intentionally,  yet you don’t take the time?

To grow a successful business we need to stay on top of what’s working and be aware of what needs to change. I often ask myself, “What’s next?”

Each month I ask myself this question: “What is the most interesting, exciting way to grow my business that allows me to make a difference and to love my life?”  I constantly feel compelled to understand that I am here to make a difference with my life and with my life’s work. This contemplation helps me to look at my objectives and define success from the inside out.

I believe we must stop and listen to know what is next for us in life—or life just passes by us. I truly believe when our businesses are designed consciously, we make a greater difference. This is how we create success from the inside out!

Can you relate to this? What is the next thing that needs to happen in your business for it to really take off?  Decide on a clear set of intentions for this fall. It can make a huge difference in your success.

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Life is fast and full for most of us! It is important to make a conscious decision to quiet the mind, connect with the body, and evaluate whether or not we are expressing our gifts fully in the world. All three of these practical expressions can make a major difference in the quality of our lives!


Three Must Do’s to Make Conscious Decisions In Your Business and LifeConsider the following:

1 Quieting the mind

  • Set aside time in silence at least 3 days a week for 20 minutes. Begin to get to know yourself, your needs, your desires and aspirations. Learn to identify and trust your intuition and inner voice. We all have an inner voice that guides and directs us. We just need to listen.
  • Question: Can you think of 1 way this week that you could actually create more calm & stillness?

2.  Connecting with the body

  • Learn to become more aware of your body’s needs.
  • Listen more closely to the signs that your body gives you, i.e. where are there aches, sensations, and areas of tightness? Is your body sending you a message?  What might the message be?
  • Explore these sensations through yoga & movement. Your body holds great information about its own healing needs and emotional state of being.
  • Question: What 2 things would you need to do differently to begin to honor and care for your body in a new way?

3.  Expressing our gifts in the world

  • Begin to look at the day-to-day changes that you can make in your life to express more of who you really are.
  • Evaluate whether or not your day is made up of work activities and projects that fulfill you.
  • In the course of each day, do you fully express your greatest gifts? (For example, if you’re a writer, make sure that your day includes writing; if you enjoy people, make sure that your day involves social contact and is not limited to working at a desk job; if you enjoy nature, make sure that each day includes time outdoors.)
  • Question: How could you bring more joy, richness, and fulfillment into your life on a daily basis?  What areas of our life could you improve?


As we learn to honor these small and simple things, we begin to connect more with who we are and why you here .  From these discoveries we begin to create deeply meaningful lives.


“I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.”

-Gandhi’s Prayer For Peace

I read this prayer for peace the other day and it opened a flood gate within me. Inner voices within me raised many questions. I wondered if we offered each other peace, love and friendship — again, how different would this world be? If I could see your beauty, hear your need and feel your feelings how differently would I relate to you? If we could believe that our wisdom flows from the highest source and salute each other, what would be the general feeling on the street?

What do we have to lose? Let’s work together for unity and love.

~ Maureen Simon


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